My Attempt at Cool & Hip

My cousin had given me a few ideas on things I could do pre-baby arrival and post-baby arrival that would allow me to interact with other moms, hopefully form some friendships and potentially get some play dates out of the mix.

One of those ideas was prenatal yoga.

Yes! Prenatal yoga!

I took a summer class of yoga during my last summer of living in Sedan (yes, someone actually taught yoga and it yes, it was legit… but yes, it was in a barn!) and have loved it! It was very relaxing, peaceful and definitely did a nice job of taking some of those daily stresses away (which at that time, only involved dealing with those pesky pool ‘rats’ since I was lifeguarding… which now seems like I was livin’ the dream!).

I also think those that do prenatal yoga must be the type that are super-cool, laid back and very chic and will most likely be a super-cool, laid back and very chic mom, which obviously is what I am aiming to be!

I found a yoga place not too far from our house that really focused on pregnancy. Bingo! So I signed up for my first class to be held this morning.

I arrived 15 minutes early with yoga mat in hand, ready to start my attempts at cool and hipness. I thought by getting there early, I could meet some other soon-to-be moms, chat before class started, maybe jot down some phone numbers and anxiously wait for someone to ask me to join them for tea at the nearest coffee shop (since cool and hip moms don’t drink coffee while pregnant – I wouldn’t tell them that I still drink my pop… caffeine free).

I arrived to someone just opening the door – what a welcome, I thought! – only to realize she had just arrived to unlock the doors and to turn on the A/C and the computers.

OK, so apparently cool and hip moms are not very punctual. Hey, that’s OK! Neither am I… I’m on the right track!

I got myself checked in, walked into the studio and rolled out my mat. There were two other moms-to-be that had arrived early as well, who had rolled out their mats and filled up their water glasses and were already in yoga form.

So we weren’t going to chat and get phone numbers before-hand … not a problem. I’m sure there would be some dedicated time for that afterward!

More moms started to trickle in, followed by the instructor who had a doozy of a story to tell us.

Apparently, she is a doula slash yoga instructor and had had quite a night of baby bliss. One that involved delivering a baby in a car at 1:28 am this morning.

As she told the story, many of the moms-to-be were smiling and giggling at the story, wowing at how this joy was brought into the world.

Then there was me. I made every attempt to ooh and ahh. I half-smiled as she told about the mom’s deep breathing and stance in the car as her husband drove 40 mph to the hospital.

All I wanted to do was crawl under my yoga mat and scream at her to stop with this awful story!

I don’t care how beautiful giving birth is… there is not ONE THING that is cool and hip about giving birth in a car.

Still gives me the shakes!

Anyway, eventually she finished her story and we moved on to the actual yoga portion of the class. She showed us some breathing techniques that could be used while laboring. Unfortunately, there was not a question-and-answer portion to this because if there would have been, I would have liked to ask when to begin this breathing, what is the point in this breathing and does the breathing do much after you have already received the ‘slice of heaven’ aka epidural?

I soon realized that I was a bit shaky when it came to my yoga poses. I can no longer hold the Warrior Two pose like I used to … but I grit my teeth and persevered.

But it was shortly after the downward dog pose and the reminder to continue to reach for my inner goddess, that I realized I’m not sure I can hack it.

My inner goddess was screaming,”Why the hell aren’t we still in bed? Or drinking a coke? Or eating a buttery croissant? What are we doing here?” I highly doubt that’s what a cool and hip moms inner goddess would be saying.

So… maybe I wasn’t meant to be a cool and hip mom. It just might not be my thing.

But I did recently start recycling… hmmm… maybe THIS qualifies me to be cool and hip since I’m saving the world, one coke can at a time.

Oh yeah… cool and hip it is!



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2 responses to “My Attempt at Cool & Hip

  1. Jenna

    Oh my goodness! I think my inner goddess would have been cussing like a sailor!

    And I knew I was recycling for a reason!

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