Etsy Finds of the Week

Good Wednesday evening to all!

It’s been quite a busy day for me!


But today was my 28-week doctor’s appointment. Let me tell you, it was refreshing to wake up, find some semi-cute clothes to put on and have a

Now don’t take this to mean that I sit around all day in my sweatpants and old t-shirts, watching TV and eating Bon Bon’s. I keep myself pretty busy and avoid the TV as much as possible.

The sweatpants and old t-shirt attire might not be too far off though…

Anyway… we are at 28 weeks and are on to bi-weekly appointments until the beginning of September, which will follow with weekly visits until the baby is here.

I think this means I should go shopping to have cute outfits to wear to all of these appointments, don’t you?! 🙂

1) Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Bracelet – Seller: Elizabeth Volk

  • I was searching for some gifts for friends and came across this seller.
  • I try to avoid purchasing tons of items that blatantly state ‘Kappa Kappa Gamma’ on them… just because I have close to 40 t-shirts that already announce to the world that I’m a Kappa Kappa Gamma.
  • I felt that this bracelet was very subtle, but super cute as well and something that could probably be worn daily.
  • Though I still rock my 2004 Bid Day t-shirt… 😉

2) Gorgeous Antique Metal Soap Dish- Seller: Uptown Vintage

  • Not sure if you have read my blog post about my new house and the pictures that were attached, but if not, here is a picture of my upstairs bathroom. As you can see, it is filled with gold. And lots of it!
  • I love gold… but only when it comes to my accessories!
  • So eventually, we will update the bathroom and between now and then, I will be looking for ideas for my bathroom remodel.
  • And why wouldn’t I turn to Etsy?!
  • Found this soap dish that I LOVE … might be fun and clean to do a white and light blue bathroom.
  • So many ideas… so much time.

3) Baroque Pendant Necklace – Seller: Marie’s Corner

  • I have been browsing the maternity shops a little more frequently now. I really try to avoid purchasing anything though because I can’t get out of the back of my head that this clothing will only be worn for a short period of time (with the exception of maternity pants – the greatest invention ever!).
  • More specifically, I have been looking for dresses for upcoming weddings I will be attending.
  • I saw a picture recently of a cute, yet comfy, maxi dress with a gorgeous necklace, very similar to this one I found on Etsy!
  • And purchasing this would NOT make me feel bad… it can definitely be worn post-baby!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll be enjoying my weekend with my brother and Bob, who will be up to visit beginning tomorrow!

Pictures to follow…


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