Injured on the Job

I vowed to myself – and to my husband and family – that when we got moved and settled into our new home in Minneapolis, I would really start making a valiant effort to cook more often.

In college, after college and into the early stages of my marriage, my basic meals usually included pasta, cheese and bread (usually this involved macaroni and cheese or a sandwich from Mr. Goodcents).

Every once in awhile, I would surprise my husband with an actual meal and on those occasions, I think he has loved me a little more than he had the day before.

But like I said, I vowed to make an effort to make these meals with a little more frequency. After all, we are starting a family and at some point, my children will eat actual solid foods and I’d hope that when I sent them off to school, I wouldn’t get a call from the teacher on the first day saying my kid refused to eat her lunch because there was no macaroni and cheese or coke served with it.

I knew I couldn’t jump into this with great meals, one after the other though. That would make my husband think that this was going to happen every day. I’d like to eventually GET to every day, but we can’t jump the gun right off the bat now, can we.

So last  week, I did a staple, something I can actually make, make well and that my husband actually likes.

Taco Salad.

Thanks in part to my aunt Sherron’s wonderful cookbook.

The next night, we ordered pizza. See… don’t get him too excited about home-cooked meals every day.

Yesterday, I made chicken enchiladas, again, from my aunt Sherron’s wonderful cookbook (this should be published – seriously!). I would have to pat myself on the back with these because I have never made them, though have wanted to since I received the cookbook and recipe referral from my cousin Michelle. Didn’t happen for five years but HEY, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Allyson’s excitement for cooking.

Tonight, I decided to go with a staple. Something that my husband enjoys, but has had atleast 10 times and knows that it is good.

This is quite possibly my favorite meal ever and if I died tomorrow, I would be happy knowing that atleast I had my aunt Sherron’s goolash for my last meal.

See… doesn’t it look good?

I also thought I’d tack on some of these, just because I wanted to throw my husband off a little bit. Goolash AND brownies?!

But folks… there is a reason I have avoided cooking for so many years.

Besides just being downright lazy, it not sounding like much fun and an episode of Law & Order: SVU seemed like a much better idea, there is a reason I have avoided cooking like the plague.


Slicing of fingers to be exact.

And as you can see from Exhibit A, I did just that.

Exhibit A

An injury that could have been avoided if I had not made this vow to cook more.

You see what happens when you do things you don’t enjoy?! If only I had stayed on the couch and finished up the last 10 minutes of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’…



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7 responses to “Injured on the Job

  1. Aunt Sally

    So proud of you! Sorry about the injury but it comes with the kitchen territory. You are now officially initiated into the culinary world!

  2. Lars

    What the hell???
    You move away and NOW you start cooking meals AND brownies?! Thanks.

  3. Sherron

    I am usually a silent reader of your blog but how could I not respond!! I am so happy you finally read the cookbook and tried a new receipe.

  4. Tessa

    For what it is worth, I love to cook and still cut my fingers pretty often!

  5. Jenna

    Sick! Although the goulash and brownies = yummy …

  6. Sherron

    I am usually a silent reader of your blog but thought I had to respond this time. I am so happy you are using the cookbook.

  7. Michelle B

    Sherron meals are classics! YUM

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