Our New Home

Sorry for the dramatic length it took me to get pictures up of the house!

I took pictures from every angle because it seems that if I didn’t take pictures at every angle, you would miss some nook or cranny of the house.

So far, the house and I are getting along! It started off a little rough – boxes of our crap galore, not enough storage, an un-new house, which means full of former owners germs (I’m ridiculous) – but thanks in huge part to my parents (and Matt’s painting the week before), the house is starting to become ‘ours’.

Sloane’s room is basically bare, but it is my next big task to tackle. The basement still has work to be done to it, but I’m leaving that up to Matt. It’s his ‘man cave’ and except for vacuuming and keeping things clean and tidy and in top-top shape, I really have no part of the basement.

And our bedroom… oh, our bedroom. This is another post in itself, but let me break it down for you.

  • We left our full bed (that was a hand-me-down from my grandparents) for my sister to take back with her to college, which left us bedless.
  • We intended to purchase our first grown up bed – aka queen size – once we got to Minneapolis.
  • Somewhere in between trip one and five to IKEA, I found a black metal queen size bed that I really liked (for only $179 – IKIEA is my new fave store) so I bought it. Off we went to Macy’s with my parents one evening, in search of a mattress. Right after we walked in, a huge storm rolled through, tornado sirens and all. We did find a mattress, purchased it, said we’d pick it up the next day, and then waited out the storm.
  • The next day, we went to pick up the mattress and box spring. Back home we went.
  • Up the stairs my dad and Matt went with the mattress. As you will see from the pictures, our bedroom is located basically in the attic, as are most master bedrooms in Minneapolis.
  • Next was the box spring.
  • This sucker WOULD NOT go up the stairs. It was pushed, prodded, pulled, you name it, they did it to try and get the box spring up the stairs.
  • I cried (because that is what I do) and Matt called the store. Last weekend, Matt and Michael took back the box spring, ordered two small box springs so NEXT weekend, we will go pick up the box springs and finally be able to sleep on a bed… not the floor. 🙂

So… here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Sidenote: My apologies that they are not in order of how I took them – no idea why it went random on me! Oh well – you can guess which room is which! 🙂



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3 responses to “Our New Home

  1. Aunt Sally

    So cute! Love the wall colors. Enjoy making this house your home!!
    p.s. come home soon 🙂

  2. I love it, Al! I thought maybe you guys were sleeping in the 2 twin beds, 1950’s style. 🙂

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