Top 5 Things I have Noticed…

Since moving to Minnesota…

1) Everyone has a dog.

  • It must be a prerequisite or something for living in this state. Everywhere I turn, someone is walking a dog. Every time I hear Wrigley barking outside, I know someone is walking by with a dog. Maybe everyone in Kansas has a dog, too, I just never noticed it because for the most part, Kansans are lazy and don’t walk their dogs.
    I was classified in the ‘lazy’ department, but have decided to step up my game and try and join the crowd here. I walk Wrigley atleast twice a week. I’d do it more often, but he feels the need to ‘mark his territory’ (if you know what I mean) all across the neighborhood and the stop-and-go walks aren’t as great as one might think.

2) Everyone with a dog carries around poop bags.

  • Again, this is something I never experienced in Kansas. I blame this on being from a small town and small town mentality states that ‘a dog is a dog and is going to do his business and you don’t have to pick up after him’.
    That is not the case in Minnesota.
    Everyone carries around blue recycleable poop bags.
    Not I… I’m trying to use up all of my Dillons grocery sacks before I enter into the world of ‘cool’ and purchase poop bags.
    And let me tell you people… you will never be more humbled than when you have to pick up your dogs poo and carry it around.

3) Everyone is pregnant.

  • At first I thought it was just me. Maybe it was the places I was venturing to (Babies R Us three times a day). But it’s not… seriously, everyone in this state is with child. So… I guess if you are interested in getting pregnant in the near future, just come for a visit because their has GOT to be something in the water up here!

4) They love Joe Mauer for more than one reason.

  • I had heard about this Joe Mauer character before I had even moved here.
    I guess you’d call him the Brad Pitt of professional baseball.
    Yep… he is very, very pretty!
    But what I learned over the weekend, while attending my first Twins baseball game, was that it’s not just the ladies that get up on their seats and scream for Mr. Mauer when he goes to the plate.
    It’s the men, too!
    Joe is a hometown boy from St. Paul… so not only is the man good looking (and only 26 and making more than $4 million a year), he is from just over yonder.

He is so not my type (I like the shorter blondes), but… I think I would maybe shake his hand.
Or give him a hug. 😉

5) Public transportation is a way of life…

  • I rode the bus for the first time last week since becoming a Minnesotan. I was slightly terrified for numerous reasons: a) I didn’t want to miss the bus so I checked the online schedule every 30 minutes to make sure I wouldn’t do just that.
    b) You never know what kind of funny people are going to be riding the bus. My uncle just told that as long as I wasn’t riding after Midnight, I’d be OK. Apparently after Midnight is when the REALLY funny people start riding the bus.
    c) I had absolutely no idea where I was going, if I was getting on the correct bus, or what to do once I got off the bus.
    Luckily, I got on the correct bus, arriving eight minutes before the bus was even to get there, I brought a book and spoke to no one, and tried to act like I had been there before (meaning I was scouring the bus to figure out how to tell the driver I was going to get off at the next stop… did I tap her on the shoulder? Did I yell from the back?).
    All in all, it was a successful trip. I made it downtown, I met up with Matt, I made a quick stop at the Farmers Market to get my $5 bouquet of flowers and then followed my husband through Macy’s as he purchased more attire for his ever-expanding wardrobe (Matt has become quite the shopper!).

I know there is alot more that I should be noticing since being here for three weeks now… but these seem to be the things that stick out most in my mind!



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3 responses to “Top 5 Things I have Noticed…

  1. Jenna

    2) Good practice for the babe. I hear you’ll get pooped all over. Fun 🙂
    3) I think it’s nationwide: I made the statement a few weeks ago that I think 75% of the population is pregnant (not 75% of women, even). So that might be an exaggeration, but either way, I’m a little worried about a population explosion. Ha!
    4) Hot.

  2. Jenna

    Oh, and 4) My type. Just saying.

  3. You must fit right in! Er…you will when you get the snazzy poop bags: Pregnant, walking a dog, picking up dog doody! (fyi, Brinkley rarely poops on walks, but if we’re dog sitting, I always have a grocery sack handy on walks)

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