Welcome to Minnesota…

How do Minnesotans know that I’m a fake Minnesotan?

When it’s 65 degrees out and I’m walking my dog in sweats and a long-sleeve shirt and the neighbors are out in shorts and a sleeveless tank.

I think this is going to just be the way it is for me!

I’m on Day 9 of living in this foreign state and so far, it has been: overwhelming, stressful, tiring, tearful, with lots of rain/sun/beautiful temperatures. Yesterday was my first day all alone as my parents had been here all last week (and then some – my dad had been here, in total, for 11 days!) helping us paint, unpack the thousands of boxes, and rummage through the numerous amounts of crap that Matt and I have to try and turn this place into a home.

After a full week’s work, I’d say that we managed to get the house in working order, aka the way Allyson wants it to look. The only rooms left to finish are the basement (which is currently in as good of condition as I can get it – this is Matt’s ‘Man Cave’ so the man must put his touch on it… and that has not happened yet!), the master bedroom (we bought a new bed, mattress, box spring only to find that the box spring will not go up the stairs – surprising? Not for me!), and Sloane’s baby room (it is currently painted… and that’s about it!).

Yesterday was my first day completely alone and I kept busy by cleaning, moving things around, reading, a trip to Target and Babies R Us (we just finished our registry – a reminder that the baby will be here in 15 weeks – holy cow!), made myself dinner, played with the dog, ironed lots of clothes and went to bed. And said goodnight to my husband around 11:30 when he finally got home…

So Day 1 of no visitors is in the books and I’m on to Day 2… I think trip No. 4 to IKEA is in store (greatest store ever) and some more ironing.

Life in Minnesota is going to be great… as long as I’m prepped with the proper attire and stop looking like an outsider!


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  1. Wow, I’m so impressed that you’ve already got most of the house in order! Don’t feel bad…we’ve had more that one neighbor discover that their new mattress/springs are not going up the staircase in their cape cod. 🙂

    Fifteen weeks is NOT very long! I can’t wait to see you looking all cute and pregnant in a month!

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