Sisterly Bonding

As most of you know, my sister lived with Matt and I last summer, prior to our move to the east side of town.

And because she had such a joyous time, she decided to join us again this summer, knowing that we would be moving (again) to another state and wouldn’t be able to stay the entire summer break.

I used to think that my sister would find us old and boring since she’s a young college gal.

I’m not sure why I ever thought that because Lauren’s dream lifestyle happens in our front living room.

TV. Endless supply of pop. Internet in her lap. Cell phone service.

The girl needs nothing else!

Nonetheless, our summer time together will soon be coming to an end. My mom and I will drive up to Minnesota this weekend, leaving Lauren to fend for herself in Wichita until its time to move back to Manhattan in August.

But until then, you can find Lauren and I living Lauren’s dream lifestyle in our living room… sitting on the hard, pullout couch with our 19″ TV sitting on the only table left in the house.

We also left our full bed and a dresser behind for Lauren to take back with her to college. She’s moving out of the sorority house and into a real house this next year and per normal Hills fashion, she is getting all of my hand-me-downs (furniture wise – I don’t give her hand-me-down clothes … those somehow just ‘end up’ in her bag). And all of those furniture pieces were hand-me-downs for me as well. It’s just a big circle!

With the full bed being the only bed in the house, besides the pullout couch, this means only one thing.

My sister and I have been bunking up together.

So far, I’d say it hasn’t been a miserable experience. Her normal sleeping style of sleeping in the middle of the bed with her elbows sticking out to take an extra three feet has not been an issue where I have had to push her out of the bed yet.

I just wish that I knew when she wouldn’t be sleeping there. That way, I could take up the entire bed and sprawl out all night.

Somehow last night though, after waking up multiple times – 1:30 am, 3:30 am, 6:30 am (mostly bathroom breaks) – and realizing she wasn’t there, I thought, “Should I call and check on her?”

That’s what I would do with my husband. And not so much because I’m worried. If he’s not home by 2:30 am, I’m usually just pissed. Nothing good comes from Matt being out until the wee hours of the morning.

But not my sister. I decided against calling and checking on her and decided for sprawling out… at 6:30 am.

So I got a good hour and 15 minutes of an entire bed to myself.

Still not sure if she ever made it back from wherever she was… I’d assume so since work begins at 11:00 am for her! Maybe I should have called… I did find a half-drank Dr. Pepper can sitting on the floor next to the pullout couch this morning.

And Lauren NEVER leaves a sip of DP.

Nor a TV show unwatched.

It’s not part of  her dream lifestyle that she leads during the summer!



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2 responses to “Sisterly Bonding

  1. Jenna

    This must be the new & improved Lauren … the one from back in the day seemed to leave half-drank cans of pop all over the place! 🙂

  2. Lori Barnes

    Jenna, you took the words right out of Grandma Deans’ mouth!

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