Etsy Finds of the Week

As you all know, I’m moving (again). But this will kind of be the first house that Matt and I have lived in that I really get to put my own personal touch on it.

From paint colors, to decor items… I have a say!

Which is a good thing and a bad thing.

Before this time, I haven’t really bought too much for my homes because I haven’t really cared as much. Now that this is my very own, I now feel the urge to purchase things which is bad.

Because after Friday, I will have no job.

I will be living off of my wonderful husband, who I adore more than anything (I’m not sure if really sucking up will do much in this situation!).

But this is why Etsy is great! I have found lots of things that would be great additions, but are not super expensive like my favorite store in the world, Pottery Barn.

1) Argus Vintage Camera – Seller: Kristine Noel Decor

  • I love old things (I blame my mom) and came across this old camera this morning!
  • I LOVE it… and it would be so stinkin’ cute sitting on a coffee table under a pile of old books.
  • Ofcourse, it has already sold. But I think I could find another one similar… just not as cheap as this!

2) Paris Threads Eiffel Tower Embroidery – Seller: Kristine Noel Decor

  • I don’t usually use the same seller twice in one Etsy post, but after I saw the camera, I found this.
  • And who doesn’t want to be reminded of that trip to Paris – the one where we knew zero French, but managed to order a coke at the local McDonald’s!
  • I do love this though and since its full of color, it would go perfect in my living room!

3) Felt Headband Molly Style – Seller: a beau ideal

  • You’re correct – this has nothing to do with home decor, but in about four months, I will be adding a child to my home and the child needs to look cute.
  • Right?
  • And this would do the trick!!! 🙂

And this will be my final Etsy post from Kansas. Crazy to think that in less than a week, I will be a Minnesotan.

Just hope it doesn’t snow my first day there.

Keep your eyes peeled to this site next Wednesday as we will have a guest columnist to give you your Etsy Finds dose. For some reason, I feel like I might not be asked back to my own blog after she posts on here.


Oh well!

Until next time…


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