Moving: Part 1

Our moving adventure began yesterday morning at 5:00 am … when Matt’s alarm went off to remind us that he needed to be at the airport for his 6:30 am flight.

First of all … 6:30 am flights sound about as delightful as the thought of K-State going to the Missouri Valley Conference (thank goodness that is no longer an option!). For those that don’t get it, let me just say that 6:30 am flights are NOT delightful. At all. Especially when you’re not even FLYING anywhere… you’re just the chauffeur.

Anywho … I dropped Matt off at the airport for his 6:30 am departure to Minneapolis. His one-way ticket out of Kansas.

Thus began The Great Move North.

The movers were to arrive at our house between 8-10 am that morning to start the packing process. Since it was only 6:00 am when I got home, I checked off a few things from my to-do list, showered, and went downstairs to take a little cat nap before the movers arrived. I was awakened at 8:00 am to a doorbell… they were precisely on time.

In they came and in the way I felt! I gave them the tour of the house, showed them what was going and what was staying, woke Lauren up so she could clear her room out and let them get to it.

And get to it they did.

Lauren and I left to find a filling breakfast – at McDonald’s – around 9:00 am and returned at 10:30 to the house almost completely packed up. The original plan had been for them to pack everything yesterday and load it all today. Well… either we didn’t have enough crap for them to pack or they really wanted to get the heck out of our house because they were packed and loaded all by 5:00 pm.

I decided to make an attempt to document this move as much as possible with photos. My sister seems to be the center of each photo… but usually because I/we are making fun of her about something!

Moving Day

Lauren and I tried to stay out of the way of the movers so found ourselves outside with Wrigley for a good portion of the morning. This is a GREAT photo of him, but unfortunately, we were holding on to a ball that he desperately wanted and he knew the only way to get that ball was to sit very, very still…

This is what the house looked like PRIOR to the movers arriving. Stuff everywhere. I was proud of myself for not hyperventilating.

Nine hours later, this was what was left in our house.

And one couch for the princess.

Later that day, we got a surprise visit from my favorite basset hound (and favorite brother). Because the movers took everything in the house, this was all we could find to put poor Robert’s food in. He managed to eat it all, though.

We also managed to find enough time to get a good laugh in at my sister’s expense. Apparently, she has never made a trip to the mailbox… since she is trying to open it from the wrong side. After laughing at her from inside the car for a good five minutes, my brother and I finally decided to tell her how to really get the mail out… from the other side of the mailbox.

My brother made us his version of Grams’ famous spaghetti for dinner and invited over the great Trey Doty and his girlfriend to dine with us. Trey and Ashley brought over this spectacular cookie. Trey said he had asked that they put “Good Luck Up There!” on the cookie, but instead got “Dood Luck!” It was still tasty!

Our evening concluded with a special viewing of The Blindside, for my brother who had yet to see it. I told them to act natural and
this is what I got!

Since the couch/pullout bed is our only form of seating, we all piled on to it, Lauren in the middle. And I happened to capture this special moment. It actually looks like our legs are totally bruised and we all kicked the crap out of each other. Unfortunately, that was not a part of the evening.

So Day 1 of moving is in the books. Matt called last night and had finished painting the kitchen. He only has about four more rooms to go before my mom, Wrigley and I arrive there on Sunday. I have total faith that he and my dad will have the painting knocked out.

Or someone will get knocked out.

I’m just sayin’ … 😉



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3 responses to “Moving: Part 1

  1. Aunt Sally

    I totally love your blog. :))))

  2. Randi

    Good luck with the rest of your move!!

  3. Jenna

    “LOL” once again! 🙂

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