Random Friday Musings

  • So the Big 12 lost Colorado. Big deal. I’ve been to Boulder for a football game before and their fans were the worst of the worst so honestly… we’re not missing much with that. Good luck to the Pac-10 with them.
    But Nebraska? I’ve never liked Nebraska, but only because they are a K-State rival (of sorts). But now, I have every reason to hope they never win a game ever, ever again. In fact, I hope I live in Minnesota long enough to attend a Big 10 game and BOO the Huskers right back to Lincoln. Damn them!
  • Speaking of Minnesota, the first of our many items will be moved today. The Honda will be the first to make its way North as it is being shipped up and out this afternoon. Au revoir dear car… I’ll see you next weekend!
  • There are a few people that I could live the rest of my life without hearing their name or seeing their picture and I think I would be able to survive: Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Montag. Why on earth does the media continue to give these girls constant publicity for being idiots? Surely there is someone else out there they can give their attention to… why don’t they just follow K. Stew and R. Patz around a little more? Anything is better than having to hear about Lindsay Lohan getting almost arrested (again) and Heidi Montag’s apparent separation from her loony husband (again – another publicity stunt). USWeekly and People, these two gals are making you out to look as stupid as they do!
  • I’m now 22 weeks into being with child and I am FEELING it. And I don’t mean feeling the baby kick (though that comes quite frequently). I mean I am feeling like I have some added weight to me. I know I haven’t even gotten close to what ‘added weight’ will really mean in about three months, but right now, at this exact moment, I can actually say – for the first time in my life – that I can’t wait to exercise and get this weight right off after the child arrives. Being 5’4″ doesn’t have many perks and adding weight in the belly region is just another reason why being short is unfair. I’m sure Heidi Klum did not have this problem!
  • Matt leaves for Minnesota on Monday morning, the movers come to take everything away – minus a few things we are leaving behind for my sister – which leaves Lauren, Wrigley and I with a whole lotta nothing come next week. We will still have a bed – which we will have to share. Can’t WAIT for that.  We will have a couch – not the most comfy one you have sat on before! We will still have a TV – what we won’t have is DVR and Bravo or internet come Sunday evening. We will have a refrigerator – and it will have no food in it because it will all be sent to Minnesota. So… what will Lauren and I be doing all of next week? Probably staring at each other… or peeking through neighbor’s windows in hope that they also are fans of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and are watching on Monday!
  • Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

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