Etsy Finds of the Week

Hope everyone is having a swell week! I’m in ‘moving mode’ … I’m up early, lying in bed, thinking about moving. I think about moving in the shower, while I’m at work, while driving.


The good news is that in three weeks, the move will be done and over with and hopefully everything will somewhat have a place in our new home.

Just get me through the next three weeks!

1) Owl Recipe Cards, Set of 10 – Seller: Boy Girl Party

  • Most of you know that my cooking skills are limited. I can boil water, heat up some Chef Boyardee Ravioli and make some MEAN macaroni and cheese.
  • So why would I list ‘recipe cards ‘ on my Etsy finds since I rarely USE recipe cards?
  • Well… my goal while in Minnesota is to learn how to cook. On a somewhat regular basis.
  • My husband would be so happy (x five million) if I made a meal every once in awhile!
  • And when I learn to become this amazing cook, I’m going to be searching for recipes… and probably going back and digging through my e-mails to write down all of the recipes you have sent me that I pushed to the side (ignored). 🙂
  • PLUS… these recipe cards have owls on them. Can it get much better than that?!

2) Dinner Napkins – Seller: Piecefully Home

  • I’m super excited to be able to start getting out my decor that has been boxed up since last August.
  • Such as my fun napkins that I have bought at Anthropologie, Dillards, etc.
  • I found these this morning and LOVED the color – a great summer napkin, don’t you think!
  • Now… if only I can talk my aunt, uncle and cousins into visiting us for me to actually USE the nice napkins… 🙂

3) Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Wall Calendar – Seller: Simple Shapes

  • As you all know, I have been searching for a chalkboard to place in my new kitchen. And I’ve been having some issues…
  • The ones I find aren’t big enough or I don’t like the frames they are in and I don’t know if I even WANT a frame…
  • But today I came across this…
  • Now, it’s not a chalkboard… BUT I kind of like it!
  • What are your thoughts about having something like this… in a kitchen?

And that’s all I have for you today… My mind must return to ‘moving mode’ for now!

I do have a super special surprise in store for all of you. In two weeks, while I’m in the midst of Moving Mania, we will have a guest columnist for the Etsy Finds of the Week.

I can’t wait to see what she finds … and for the entertaining monologue that will follow!

Have a great week everyone … and send a little prayer to the Sutton family. Coco Sutton was in a serious accident last Saturday and her chances of survival at this point seem minimal.

But the power of prayer is a crazy thing … miracles can happen!


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