The Best Baby Gift Ever

Most probably don’t know this about me, but I’m a ‘Sale Girl’.

I search for the sales. If there are no sales, 99.6 percent of the time, I will move on.

I think I got this from my grandma, the queen of sale shopping! And shopping in general.

I bring all of this up because very rarely will you ever see me purchase any big-ticket items, which to ‘sale girl’, is anything over $79.99. Anything over this starts to put me into a bit of panic and gives me body shivers.

I don’t think my husband is like me at all in that sense.

He misplaced his Nike golf shoes (that yes, might have been eight years old, but had probably only been worn eight times). Instead of doing a hard-core search for these shoes, he goes out and buys a new pair. He tells me they only cost him $70… on sale.

I guess I didn’t explain that ‘Sale Girl’ thinks things on sale should be under $20.

So you can see that $70 on sale is really pushing it to me!

I digress…

Last Friday, Matt got a phone call from Firestone that his car needed a $1,300 car part replacement.

Ummm … $1,300? For a car part? ‘Sale girl’ did NOT like the sound of this.

Apparently, neither did Matt!

“I think we should look for a new car! I don’t want to pay $1,300 for a car part. We could find something with better gas mileage and still make the same payment. Let’s look into that!

OK, I told him. I’m comfortable with this notion if we are making the same payment as we are currently making. That will not throw me into convulsions. Seems to make sense.

And then we went car shopping.

An experience that three years ago, I believe I would have been scouring the lot for the best looking, best equipped vehicle that would make me look as hip as I could look.

Three years later, I’m consciously checking gas mileage, safety features, cubic feet in the backseat, etc. Hip seems to have flown from my vocabulary coop (slight chance that ‘hip’ was never really IN my vocabulary coop!).

I had done my research on cars a few months ago so I knew what I was looking for.

We checked out CarMax and found three Edge’s. All in black. All not the color I want to ever drive again (‘Sale Girl’ is also ‘Anal Retentive Girl Who Likes  a Clean Car’ and black does not work for me!).

So off we went to Rusty Eck.

If you live in the Wichita vicinity, you know how annoying all Rusty Eck TV and radio commercials are. So annoying that they really make you want to stay away from their place of business FOR-E-VER.

But… they are a Ford dealership. And had some Edge’s I was interested in. So we sucked it up and walked into the sea of car salesmen in Hawaiian shirts.

We walked around, found one we liked, were about to take it on a test drive when we were told it had just been sold.

And Allyson’s bad luck continues!

We drove a Saturn Outlook around before our salesman said we should check out the brand new Ford Edge’s and he could work us a deal to stay within our price range.

Sure, little man. Show us the brand new cars and get our hopes up!

This entire process at Rusty Eck began around 7:00 pm. After leaving at 9:00 pm without a car and realizing Matt had left his drivers license, we turned around to go get it and left the dealership at 10:30 pm with a brand new 2010 Ford Edge.


Exactly what I was thinking!

After an hour of telling them our price range, reasons why we wouldn’t pay more, and listening to their constant badgering and numerous attempts at getting us to buy a car, followed by us saying no and leaving, but having to come back because of a forgotten drivers license, we arrived back to them giving us a deal that most definitely had to have cost them and was too good to pass up!

So my husband says.

‘Sale Girl’ was a bit terrified. This was definitely a purchase above and beyond the $79.99 big-ticket item and DEFINITELY above the $20 sale mark. ‘Sale Girl’ also known as ‘Pregnant Girl’ found herself in nervous tears at one point after we had shaken their hands, acknowledging that yes, we will buy the car.

Matt reassured me that this was too good a deal and after doing the numbers in his head, on his phone calculator and later on at home, in our budget spreadsheet, he also made me a believer.

So, we are owners of a brand new car, something I NEVER thought I would say.

We left the Rusty Eck parking lot at 10:30 pm, leaving our Tahoe behind.

And welcoming the Ford Edge into our expanding family.

We told Sloane that she had just received the best baby gift she will ever get.

And ‘Sale Girl’ quietly said to herself, “I can’t friggin’ believe we did this. What kind of sale was this?!”



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3 responses to “The Best Baby Gift Ever

  1. Jenna

    Congrats! It’s almost as cool as a mini.

  2. Lori Barnes

    So, Matt didn’t buy golf shoes with his tourney winnings? Love the car and that it is white. Way to wheel and deal. Sloane must be a good luck charm? Any middle name yet?

  3. Yay, that’s exciting!! I definitely recommend white. I can just see a cute little blond baby in the back!

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