Lake Time

Here is one reason why you keep your friends close: when their parents buy a lake house, you get to visit!

Now, there are many other reasons that you should keep your friends close, but luckily for me, my friend would not disagree with anything I say about the lake. Because she is in love with the lake and the lake house.

If she could have married it, I think she would have traded in her current husband!

Matt and I will be spending a four-hour car ride together in route to Table Rock Lake this evening. I am beyond excited for a few reasons:

  • It’s going to be fantastic lake weather this weekend!
  • I get to hang out with my best friend and my other ‘family’, the Doty’s!
  • I’ll get to float in the water, which at this point in my pregnancy, being buoyant sounds joyous!
  • We finally get to give the Doty’s their lake gift that we have had in our possession for a couple of years now … a boat tube. So exciting!

The last time I made this trip to the Table Rock was also my first trip ever to Table Rock.

Most bachelorette’s spend their last Night of Glory in the big city lights of Las Vegas, New York City, Wichita… not Allyson. My friends have known for a long time that I’m not so much the heavy party girl. They know this because many times in college, they would head off to the bars as I would wave them out, sitting in the recliner with a glass of wine from my boxed wine stash and some powdered donuts.

Hey – don’t mock it until you try it!

Anyway, my Night of Glory was actually a full weekend and it was spent at the lake. With my friends. On the water.

And it was fantastic!

We didn’t have to get glammed up. Because were at the lake.

We didn’t have to spend lots of money on hotel rooms. Because we had the lake house.

It was glorius!

I did do a few things that I had never tried before.

Example A: Bonging a beer via a noodle. I went up against my sister, a sophomore in college, and I beat her. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Boy, I can’t wait to show this to my daughter… when the time is right!

Example B: Wakeboarding. I had attempted skiing a few times in my life and it never worked out for me. The first time, I ended up with a battle wound – one that you can still see today. The second time, it just wasn’t happening. So… at my bachelorette party, I decide to ‘man up’ and try wakeboarding. And somehow, it was a success!

So, after all of that fun, you can see why I would be excited about returning to the lake!

Hold on… What’s that you say?

I’m pregnant and not allowed to do any of those things I have mentioned such as drinking or wakeboarding?

How could I forget this little fact! What the heck do you do at the lake when you can’t drink or do any physical activity?!

Well, I’m not sure… But I’ll soon find out.

I’ll also find out what it’s like to drink non-alcoholic beer.

Because dammit… I’m drinking at the lake!



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4 responses to “Lake Time

  1. Tessa

    Have fun!!! Table Rock is at the top of my all time favorite places to visit (well, maybe it’s behind NYC…). What town is their house near? My parents have a house near Golden or the Viola Marina!


  2. Haha! Maybe you can bong a Coke this weekend! What a great weekend your bachelorette party was! Have an awesome time.

  3. Jenna

    Tessa, we are between Shell Knob and Carr Lane (sp?) Al … oh my goodness … Friday is finally here … bring on the LAKE!!!

  4. Randi

    Have so much fun!!! I still think your bachelorette party was the best one ever:)

    You could also make some virgin pina coladas.

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