Etsy Finds of the Week

Happy Wednesday to all!

It’s been a fairly quick week for me – no work on Monday, we’re already to Wednesday, Thursday mornings are consumed by meetings and I’m leaving work at 3 pm on Friday to start my weekend early.

Pretty good week! 🙂

1) ‘It’s Friday, I’m in Love’ Framed Print – Seller: Canton Box Company

  • Was in search of the perfect chalkboard for my new kitchen today, when I came across this site.
  • I tagged alot of ‘favorite’ items, but felt this was most worthy of posting.
  • Who doesn’t love The Cure?
  • And who doesn’t love Fridays?!

2) Clean Cut Bowl – Seller: Elm Studios Online

  • Since I got to celebrate my first mother’s day this last May and was presented with a lovely watch, I feel it is only right to reciprocate the thought to my husband.
  • The problem is… I have no idea what to get!
  • This isn’t like Christmas… I can usually come up with 10 different ideas for the man for Christmas.
  • But this is Father’s Day.
  • His FIRST Father’s Day.
  • So what the heck do I get him? I browsed some Etsy shops, found some stamped keychains that I thought were cool… then found this gift.
  • Does this not scream Matt?! 🙂

3) Ferngully Mini Tote – Seller: Willywaw

  • I’m going through a green phase.
  • I love the color green!
  • If I could do my baby’s room in green, I would… I’m trying to mix in some pinks/oranges, etc. to make it more girly… but it will have some green!
  • Anyway, Etsy’s homepage was greened out today and I came across this cute bag!
  • Perfect little tote for a jaunt to the beach, don’t you think?!
  • Wish I had it in time for my jaunt to Tablerock Lake with the Doty family this weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great (and quick) week!

Tablerock Lake – here I come!


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