It’s the Funny Stories in Life…

That can really get you through the day!

This morning, I had my final doctor’s appointment with my OB in Wichita. My next appointment will be at 24 weeks in Minnesota.

Totally crazy.

Totally scary.

Matt is actually in Minnesota until tomorrow so he couldn’t make the appointment. Not a big deal since this was to be a quick appointment.

But I did invite my little sister to come along … thought it would be cool for her to hear the baby’s heartbeat. And she accepted the invitation.

So off we go to the doctor this morning, into the doctor’s office we walk.

Now, I’m not sure if this is normal for all OBGYN’s, but ever since my first appointment and every appointment after, I have to walk myself back to the restroom… and pee in a cup.

It’s lovely, I know.

And this appointment was no different.

So, after we get settled in, I go back and take care of the normal business.

I come back to my seat next to my sister to tell her a funny story that has to do with peeing in a cup… and here’s how far my story got.

Allyson to Lauren: “So… when you get here, you have to go pee in a cup.”

Lauren to Allyson: “I do????”

Allyson to Lauren: Long pause, followed by strange look…. “Are you serious?!”

Lauren to Allyson: “Uhhhh …. nevermind. Go on. What’s the story?”

Allyson to Lauren: “Oh my God. Nevermind. The story doesn’t matter anymore. I have to e-mail myself our conversation so I don’t forget what you just said!”

And that is how my last OB appointment in Wichita, Kan., went.

Like I said… it’s the funny stories in life that really get you through the day!

The End.


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  1. Jenna

    oh i LOVE lauren!!!

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