Such a Big Day!

Today is quite the day… there is alot going on!

1) In one month, I will finished with my job and moving on to the next hurdle in my life: moving. Again. For the 15th time in my life. But this time, to another state. Ten hours away from home.

2) I’m paying my water bill of $54.54 today. Why does this amount matter? Well… usually I pay $32 for my water bill, but when it starts going up, you know that my mother-in-law has been at our house, planting flowers and watering out the wazoo! And she’s only been here two weekends!

3) We found out that we are having a baby GIRL!

Yes world… the world will welcome a female Clark into the world in October for the first time in a LONG, long time.

I had a gut feeling that it was a girl as did Matt, but I had been told by a few of my girlfriends that they thought I was having a boy. One of them started asking me questions to verify that it was a boy such as, “Al, do you crave salty things like pizza and pasta or sweet things like candy?”

My response: “Jenny… Pizza and pasta are a normal daily food group for me. There is no way that form of gender prediction will work on me!”

My mother-in-law was also adamant that it was a boy. But since she has only had boys and only known boys to be in the Clark family, she ofcourse would think this.

But not my mom. She has said from the beginning that she thought it was a girl. She had a ‘feeling’.

And her feeling was correct! The doctor was moving the wand around my belly today, asks if we want to know what it is, and about a minute later, very calmly, she states, ‘Looks like it’s a girl…’

In mere seconds, our lives changed forever. Well… OK, maybe not just that second. It will really change in October when she is really here. But at least now we can prepare ourselves for upcoming issues we will face: boys, girl drama, bad driving, prom dresses, sorority rush, serious boyfriends, a wedding… Wow. I feel like I immediately lost $26,788 from my checking account.

And I don’t HAVE $26,788 in my checking account!

Oh well … it will be a ride, that’s for sure! Glad I bought that K-State hairbow last weekend… 🙂



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3 responses to “Such a Big Day!

  1. Jenna

    I just screamed when I saw that pic — LOOOVE it! Also, much less importantly, I’m jealous of your water bill. Ours usually runs between $80-100! Ridiculous!

  2. Jana

    First, CONGRATS!!!

    Second, I have tears in my eyes! What a precious picture Allyson & Matt!

    Can’t until SHE’s here! She is going to be gorgeous!!

  3. mp

    Ok, does Sam look JUST like his dad?? He is very cute! And, Allyson, I hate to burst your bubble but I would add a conservative “3” in front of your checking account debit… As in $326,788.00 and that would definitely be conservative since I raised boys and we didn’t have to pay for the weddings.. Sorry.. Your mom should have warned you.. but, just so you know, you guys are totally worth it : )
    What a lucky baby!

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