The Joys of the Job

I think the part that I love and equally hate about my job is the social media portion. I am in charge of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog accounts for the Festival.

I enjoy it because in some cases, I can make people’s day by giving them backstage passes to meet Joe Nichols just because they commented on my Facebook post or retweeted my Tweet.

In other cases, I hate it because I have people on their bagging on the Festival: why don’t we change the date? why are things expensive? why can’t we get Miley Cyrus to perform? why did you cancel the entire day when their were tornado warnings – why can’t you let us decide if we want to come down  to the Festival or not?

Those things are frustrating.

All in all, I do enjoy being that behind-the-scenes gal!

But there are times when you say things on these social media outlets that you don’t really think anyone is paying attention to… then you find out  there really are people out there reading your stuff.

For example…

This morning on my own Twitter account, I posted this: “Rain predicted for last day of Festival. This is getting ridiculous. I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out & tell me I just got punkd.”

  • Yes, for the third time during the Festival, it looks like rain will be coming our way. For real.

At about 2:00 pm, I get a phone call from a gal that does a blog called ‘Have you Heard?’ on our local newspapers website. She asked if she could post my tweet as her ‘Tweet of the Day’.

I said ‘Why not!’

An hour later, I get a text from my friend Kristen, saying I’m famous… Apparently her blog was up.

So… what did I learn from this day? Always watch what you say – good or bad – because someone is always watching!

‘Have you Heard?’


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