After four days of either cold or just straight rainy weather during the Festival, I’m starting to think that God is just testing me.

I have been stressed, worried and just plain tired because of the bad luck the Festival has had this year due to the weather.

Literally, right now, I’m having a very hard time keeping my eyes open.

So why do I think God is testing me?

Because in less than five months, I’ll be stressing, worrying and not sleeping because my child will be here. I probably won’t really know what the word tired means until then…

But maybe God has given us these days to test me for my days ahead.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is very funny and wish he would play his game at a different time rather than a time where it’s imperative that the days are gorgeous,  the people come out, they buy things, and we make some money.

But that God… always the kidder!


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