“We’re really doing it, Lloyd…”

Because Matt and I are moving to Minneapolis in less than two months, we decided that it might be a smart ‘move’ on our part to actually take some time BEFORE we move to go and search for a home.

You know…

So there is somewhere for us to move to when we do move!

So that’s just what we did!

We jetted off to Minneapolis bright and early last Sunday morning and arrived to gorgeous weather, blue skies and birds chirping.

The first thing I noticed when arriving in Minneapolis is that there is no mistaking where you are – our plane flew directly parallel to the Mall of America.

The idea of going to that mall always intrigued me when I was younger … so many stores in one place! But now, the idea kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not sure if I’ll be venturing in their anytime soon!

Matt and I made our way through the large airport and on to the tram and down to the car rental place and into our car and down a highway to an area of town that we had been looking at living in.

We started down a street and I started writing down addresses of houses for sale and kept saying, “Man, why haven’t we seen any of these houses on line when we’ve been looking?”

The answer to that question was answered immediately when I started googling the houses. The reason we had never seen these houses before was because they were not in our price range. They were astronomically OUT of our price range. So why was I writing these addresses down? Didn’t I notice that they were large, really nice homes that Matt and I wouldn’t be able to afford?

The answer to that question is no. No I did not. Because these houses looked like houses that we could afford… in Wichita.

But we were not in Kansas anymore, a movie quote that means so much more to me now – than it ever did before – after house-hunting in a different state.

We met up with our realtor later that morning and started the house hunt – we had nine houses to see and we knocked them out in about two hours. To say that we were exhausted by the end of the day would be a huge understatement! By the end of the day, we were both so tired that we were getting angry at each other because we couldn’t find my uncle’s house after typing and retyping his address into our reliable phones. Come to find out there are TWO 195th Circles in Elk River, Minn. The one we wanted to get to was on the other side of town. It was no one’s fault. But when you’re tired… it’s ALWAYS someones fault!

So we stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousins, ate good food and got a good night’s rest, then got back up Monday morning and went back at it! We wanted to go back and look at two houses from the previous day and had one new house to look at.

By the end of the day, we were pretty set on which house we would be making an offer on. And by the end of the day, I was in tears.

It was alot to take in and I’ve known it would be alot to take in since I found out we were leaving Wichita and even more when I found out we were having a baby.

I had told Matt when we got off the airplane in Minneapolis Sunday morning that this was the most adult thing we have had to do since getting married. He thought that getting married was the first big step… but I disagreed. We are moving 10 hours away from our comfort zone. We are putting an offer down on a house that is the size of my mom’s kitchen, needs updates and is something we would spend $100K on here in Wichita. We are starting a family in a city that has so many highways I was getting confused.

I just needed my mom!

So I called her. And I cried more. And eventually made her cry. But as always, she reaffirmed to me that what we are doing is a good thing. Yes, it is different and will be a challenge, but the experience will be one that we will never forget.

And then I went back to my husband and cried some more. And luckily for me, he understood. It was until then that he realized that this really is the most adult thing we have had to do and that it isn’t an easy or fun process. It’s hard. Really hard!

Luckily, my tears finally ceased and I reminded myself that I wouldn’t want to or be able to take a journey like this with anyone besides Matt. He has become my “home” and even though what he told me many, many times throughout the trip sounded/sounds corny, I know deep down that’s true.

“We’ll be happy as long as we are together.”

And to end this post, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the trip…

A photo collage from our trip…



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4 responses to ““We’re really doing it, Lloyd…”

  1. Aunt Sally

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it went. So many changes, so much to do. All will be well!!! No Worries!! xoxo

  2. I have a feeling that Mary Ann will be making lots of trips to MN…especially once little Clark arrives!

    So is that THE house in the second row of the collage? Have you found out yet if you got it? I can’t wait to come visit!!

  3. Jenna

    You are so brave and I admire you very much, friend. I love the shots of the KS plates: those, and Powercat tags, will always mean very much to you when you see them! And I just told Josh, it will be fun to come watch the Royals play up there!! Love you.

  4. Randi

    I’m with Jenna…I freak out if I see someone wearing K-State, especially when everyone outside of KS doesn’t realize the difference between KU & K-State:) It’s our duty to inform them!

    It may not seem possible, but moving away will make you even closer to Matt!…I’ve been told by older, wiser people that it’s the best thing they did for their marriage. I think I could have had a long, perfectly happy marriage in Kansas…but I’m starting to realize the truth to their statement. Blessings to you, Matt, and your little one in your adventure!

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