Baby’s First Photo Session

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a week now, but just now found the time to get them cropped so you could see them a bit better!

They might be the coolest pictures ever … atleast this far into the pregnancy!

Yes, friends… they are baby pictures!

Matt and I went to have a test done last Monday. It was just a normal test that they ask everyone if they’d like to have done. I called the insurance, they said they would cover it, so I signed us up. Though we did go to make sure there were no major concerning issues with our baby, I really wanted to go because we would be getting an ultrasound, which meant we could actually SEE the baby.

Now, I have had no doubt that I was pregnant. I took three pregnancy tests, I went through the nausea phase, I eat every meal like its my last meal I’m ever going to have. I knew I was pregnant.

But there is still always a tiny uncertain feeling. After our first doctor appointment and not getting to hear the heartbeat, it had me a little concerned. We were lucky enough to hear it at the second appointment, but I knew that if I was getting an ultrasound, I would get to visually see the thing that has caused me sickness and extreme hunger.

So like I said… these are probably the coolest pictures ever!

I sent these pics to my best friend and her response was “I can’t believe how much it looks like a baby!” Ha!

We have not heard back on how the test went, but I’m not overly concerned about the test. What I am concerned about is how large my child’s forehead looks. I love my husband to death, but the man has a large forehead – or a five-head as he calls it. So… we know the baby has gotten that from its father!

And yes, its head does look a bit large, but that is normal I’m told. This picture was taken at 12 weeks and even by now – at 14 weeks, apparently its head has now kind of slowed down its growing so the rest of its body can catch up.

So… we will go to our 16 week appointment on April 26 and then two weeks later go back for another ultrasound or ‘Baby’s Second Portrait Session’ to find out if Matt needs to start questioning my dad on how to handle life with a daughter or if I need to find my Xen place as I prepare to bring a boy into this world that likes to play in dirt and mud and make messes.

I’ll let you know!



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5 responses to “Baby’s First Photo Session

  1. Aunt Sally

    This is too cool!! Keep them for your baby book!

  2. mp

    So fun and, Ally, your baby looking like Matt wouldn’t be half bad… even if blessed with a generous forehead : ) Good luck house hunting!

  3. Lori

    Love it. I told Will that this is who is was rubbing in your belly last week 🙂 He thought that it was pretty cool! Have fun in WI and good luck! You can always call Uncle Woody on his cell if you have questions. Love you.

  4. Aww, so cute! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to find out the sex!

  5. Jenna

    Yup, definitely the coolest pictures ever.

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