Etsy Finds of the Week

I wish I could tell you that this semi-occurrence of no Etsy Finds of the Week might become a regular occurrence until my life at work slows down. Unfortunately, that will not be until after the Festival is complete on May 15. When I started this weekly post, I forgot how unbelievably hectic, crazy, ridiculously busy work gets at this time of year. I have less than five seconds in between projects – those five seconds I do have are spent taking a big, deep breath and moving on to the next task at hand.

But like I said, once the Festival is complete, I hope to have your regular Etsy Finds of the Week up and running on the normal Wednesday routine!

With that said, I will not disappoint for the second-straight week …

1) Reproduction Step Back Hutch – Seller: Joseph Spinale Primitive Furniture

  • If you have ever been to my home in Sedan, you would immediately notice that there is not a square inch of the my parents house that is not filled with something. Furniture, books, technology, candy. There is something in every single open space in the house!
  • You would also not ice that all of this ‘stuff’ is placed on the coolest furniture ever.
  • Hence my Etsy Find of the Week!
  • I am my mother’s daughter in so many ways, but even more when it comes to our taste in antiques – this stuff is just too cool!
  • PS. I know my mom will look at this hutch and immediately think, “Hmmm…. where could I put this?”, as she does whenever we are around any kind of primitive furniture.
  • Unfortunately for her, she has no more spare room!

2) Gazing Foxy Print – Seller: Loxly Hollow

  • What I have found since becoming pregnant is that there are a million decisions one must make that affect your baby’s life in someway before the child even comes into the world: should I have this test done or not? Is eating sandwich meat really unsafe? If I have a sip of this pop, will I harm the baby? What should I name the baby? How should I decorate his/her room?
  • You know, the important stuff!
  • And then I came across this Etsy site…. Oh. My. Gosh.
  • I’m in love!
  • These prints are seriously some of my favorites I have ever come across! They are so whimsical and just scream ‘Baby Room’ … I would take one of each if I could afford them!
  • I’m not even sure this is my favorite, but it was the first one I came across… don’t you love them?!

3) New Skinrrug Wolf – Seller: Vanadzins

  • Or how about a rug like this for the baby’s room?
  • Nothing screams I love you like a face like this jawing at you as you walk into your child’s room.
  • YOWZA.

PS. What is wrong with people?



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2 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    I want that hutch! Actually, for next week’s Etsy finds, what I really want in my life is a cool old pie safe with glass so I can put stuff inside. For no more than $100, please.

    Can you register the baby on Etsy? For the wolf rug, I mean? 😀

  2. Aunt Sally

    Love the Hutch!!

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