Have Baby. Must Grow Up.

As Matt and I have tried to come to grips that in six short months, we will no longer be a two-some and will be in charge of another human’s life, we have really had to take a look at ourselves and how we handle the day-to-day basics of our lives. Because it seems that there are a few things that we need to become more “adult-like” about.

For example: our driving. Sometimes, we both are a bit more reckless than we should be. We make those left turns in front of traffic when we know we should have waited. Now, we still might make that reckless turn, but we immediately turn to each other and say, “We really need to work on not doing things like this … We’re having a child, you know.”

Another example: our current eating habits. If you were to look in our fridge, you would find some applesauce, lemonade, sandwich meat, cheese and some leftover pizza from last week. So usually you can find me at the local Mr. Goodcents buying myself a sandwich. This is something that we know must be contained. Somehow, we have to find a way to get and keep groceries in our house because I doubt that going out to eat is going to be economically possible for us when we have a child as it is now.

I also find myself double-checking my clothing.

Clothing, you ask? What does that have to do with being an adult and having a child?

Well… there is a story.

Last week after Matt and I went to our second doctors appointment, we had made our way back to the exam room and I had hopped up on to the table. The doctor was going to be checking for the heartbeat so I was asked to roll down the top of my pants a bit.

As I rolled the bottom of my shirt up, to roll the top of my pants down, I noticed the one thing that is embarrassing for anyone, but especially for someone who is a mother-to-be and is begging for the doctor to take notice that she will be a legit mom.

My fly was down.

It was at this moment that a) I wanted to sprint out of the exam room as fast as I could and start the appointment completely over b) my husband had not been sitting in the room because even after nine years together, things like unzipped fly’s are still embarrassing and c) I realized that I will never be a super cool, hip mom that never makes mistakes and whose hair is always perfectly in place.

I will most definitely be one of those moms who walks around with their fly unzipped and embarrassing my children to no end.

And it’s fine. It will just have to become a part of my adult checklist.

Unzipped fly: Check.


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  1. Jenna

    Oh MY … I usually “lol” during your posts, but that one broke a record for the loudest and longest laugh yet! I have a feeling you might intentionally embarrass your child from Day One, since your former mission in life was to help MY mother embarrass me!!

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