More News (that you probably already knew)

It seems that I’m just full of all kinds of news nowadays.And it seems that I can’t tell the news fast enough… last week, I was chatting with some family friends that had just found out we were moving. By now, that is old news!

I felt that I should fill them in on more of our ‘news’ … which to most of you is probably old news, but I just got the green flag to go ahead and blog about it.

We’re having a baby!

Exciting, yes! Totally terrifying, you got it!

The lowdown: We are 12 weeks along and due Oct. 14. Everyone officially knows so yes, it’s OK to talk about it on Facebook (this is really just a response to my sister who asked if she could talk about it on FB a few weeks ago!).

We told our family last month in Manhattan. The original plan had been to tell them in the middle of March when both of our families would be together to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  Well, that plan ofcourse fell through and it just so happened that both of our families were together, at dinner time, in Manhattan, at the exact same place. So after a whispering back-and-forth conversation of “Should we tell them? I think we should tell them! Are you sure? I think we should wait! No, you’re right, let’s tell them! Are you sure? Yeah, tell them!”, we decided to tell the fam in the same way we would have originally told them. Just not in Sedan. And not in my parent’s living room.

This time, in Manhattan, and in Aggieville. At a bar. Totally appropriate, I know!

So it went a little something like this:

Allyson to family: “Can everyone get in a big group – I’d like to get a picture of everyone!”

Allyson, quietly, to Matt: “OK, remember, I’ll take the first picture, then we’ll take a second picture and that is your cue!”

Matt: “Got it!”

First picture taken.

Now, if you all remember, I said Matt’s cue was to be as the second picture was being taken.

Unfortunately, my husband couldn’t contain himself and blurted out…

“We’re having a baby!”

Well, I was suppose to take a photo ‘in the moment’ … this was immediately after the moment since Matt cued a little too early.

You’ll notice my brother’s expression never really changes.

So, we got a few screams from the mom’s – people started to stare. Then they realized we had just announced our pending child (and probably thought, “Wow – you told them in a bar. Classy!”).

I specifically stated to all at the table that if they could keep the news quiet until the end of the week when we went to our first appointment, that it would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like I remember everyone nodding their heads in agreement. Little did I know that my dad was under-the-table mass texting everyone in his phone because as soon as I got to the basketball game that night, I started getting texts from my family, voicemails from my cousins. I couldn’t believe it!

The man who makes the rules can’t follow the rules!

I laughed later on in the week about it because it’s TOTALLY the way my family would find out. Not surprising one bit!

But I also laughed at my dad this weekend when he asked if we would find out the gender of the baby, and when I told him yes, he asked if I wouldn’t tell him.

I laughed in his face and said, “Yeah right, you’ll be the first one I text, grandpa!”



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5 responses to “More News (that you probably already knew)

  1. Jenna

    The long-awaited picture! I love it! Yup, Jordan and Patty look the same in both 🙂

  2. Tessa

    Congratulations!!! I wondered if you were pregnant when I read your cryptic tweet during the KU game. You have some big life changes in store 🙂

  3. mp

    Love it! Your family makes me laugh… a lot. We are SO happy for you both.. and the fams : ) When I told Cole, he said “Awesome!” I second that.

  4. mp

    Love it! We are SO thrilled for you and your fams.. Your family makes me laugh.. a lot! When I told Cole, his response was “Awesome!” I second that.

  5. Taryn M. Peine

    I was waiting for you to announce this on here! So excited for yall! You guys will have the cutest baby 🙂

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