Etsy Finds of the Week

After a week hiatus, I am back with apologies*.

*I seem like I apologize alot on here!

Anyway, last week was just one of those weeks and finding time to get on here and post anything was beyond hard. I do not enjoy weeks like that and I hope that it doesn’t happen again!

But no worries … I’m back this week with three new wonderful finds – I hope you are ready! 🙂

1) Christie Clutch – Seller: Mary J Maalouf

  • Like I have said before, I’m very much in Spring mode. I’m searching my closets, my dresser, anything that has my clothes hidden away to find some spring-like clothes and colors. I don’t know what has happened, but it seems like my closet has turned into a collage or browns, tans and black.
  • When did this happen?
  • So… I guess if I only have these colors to deal with, I better step up the accessories, which is where this adorable clutch comes into play!
  • LOVIN’ the red!

2) Round Speech Bubble Chalkboard Decal – Seller: A Sign of the Times

  • I don’t know why, but I had chalkboards on the brain one day – I would love to have a door in my kitchen that was just a gigantic chalkboard!
  • But if I can’t have an entire door, I think something like this would work!
  • I think this would also be cute in a kid’s room – if they’re going to write on a wall, let’s let them write on something like this!

3) Urban Tots Apple Organic One Piece – Seller: Urban Tots

  • This popped up on the front page of Etsy today and I opened up the seller’s shop and loved them all!
  • One of my faves has a cow on the front with the words (guess what?) “Mooooooooo” … Love it! As would my father-in-law…

So there you are! I did not forget about you this week!

Again, my apologies for missing last week. It will not happen again! 🙂


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