What a Weekend!

I never speak of my dislike for KU because I have found that when I do say things, it always comes back to bite me in the rear. So I have just left it alone.

But after attending the second round of the NCAA Tournament in Oklahoma City this weekend, and watching the Jayhawks not show up until the final two minutes of the game only to lose to the  No. 9 seed Northern Iowa, I feel like I can now say something.


Ha! Ha! Ha!

When the buzzer sounded and the KU players fell to their knees, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Nor could the KU fans sitting to the left of me or the K-State fans to the right of me. I have a feeling the couple sitting to my left are pretty frustrated with themselves right about now for purchasing those fantastic seats to the Final Four.

Immediately after that game ended, out came the Wildcats – it was nice to finally be able to get up and scream to my hearts content.

The game started slowly, which seems to be how we like to do things nowadays, but once they got going, it was a good time! The throng of K-State fans that had made the trip to OKC were up on their feet and loud!

I’ve attended only one NCAA Tournament in my life. Ironically enough, one of the teams we watched play was Minnesota. But this atmosphere is something you can’t explain unless you’ve been there. It’s electric. People are very into the games. And you can feel the sense of urgency. The teams playing are playing for one more game because if they lose, the season is over. And you can feel that…

It just makes for a great time!

I’m very proud of the Wildcats and am hoping they can make it through two more games this weekend to make it to Indianapolis. They deserve it, there’ s no doubt about that!

And I feel like all of the Wildcat fans deserve it, too…

So… if I may…

“Fight you K-State Wildcats! For alma mater, fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Glory into combat for the purple and the white. Faithful to our colors, we shall ever be. Fighting ever fighting for a Wildcat victory! GO STATE!”



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2 responses to “What a Weekend!

  1. Aunt Sally

    Love it!!! Well said.

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