What’s on Your Desktop?

When I arrive to work, I’m usually still in sleep mode – attempting to wake up and face my coworkers and the tasks set before me for the day.

I knew when I started I would need a wonderful photo on the desktop of my computer. Something that when I saw it, it would give me the energy I would need to really get through the early part of my day.

I have went through many pictures since I started working here in November 2008. Some have lasted a little longer than others, but I can tell you that most of them have focused on my baby cousins.

Here’s the current setup:

It is not uncommon to find my cousin Stella making her way in to the desktop array of photos. I usually steal them from her mother’s blog!

No worries – I have not forgotten my family.

Their pictures are a constant and never change.

And yes, that is Bill Snyder and my dad… on my desk. Bill’s just one of us!

So I’m curious … what’s on your desktop to help get you through your day?

Happy Friday!



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3 responses to “What’s on Your Desktop?

  1. Megan

    Awww! what a great way to motivate you at work!! keep the thievery going….stella loves being the center of attention!!


  2. Aunt Sally

    A picture of you, but don’t let that make you feel bad.

  3. Michelle Barnes

    Those pictures make me happy too! But you should try waking up to the real thing… not so peaceful.

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