Great Article

…. and I felt that it needed to be shared!

It’s from the Wichita Eagle sports columnist, Bob Lutz. I have had a love/hate relationship with Bob for many years. I like to think that I can see things from other people’s perspectives, but that was usually not the case with Bob.

But this year… things have been different. My relationship with Bob has become more of an affectionate one.

Sidenote: I’m speaking of his writing, not Bob as a person. So when I say our relationship has become affectionate, I mean I’m loving his writing as of lately! 😉

Anyway, Bob posted an article after K-State’s first round NCAA Tournament game yesterday about Frank Martin. This article ranks in my top three favorite articles from Bob, NOT because it was a pro-K-State article, but because it was literally the words that I can never get about how important Frank Martin has been to the basketball program at K-State.

So, for your reading pleasure…

Frank(ly), I got him all wrong…


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