Update on Robert

Straight from my brother’s mouth…

“Bob’s slowly figuring the new place out. I don’t think he likes being outside alone all day, so he whines and whines and whines. I’ve been getting on to him a lot lately and the whining hasn’t been as bad. So maybe he’s starting to get it.

It started raining sooner than I thought last night and he was stuck outside with nowhere to go. I felt really bad, so he got to sleep inside last night. I woke up this morning and I couldn’t find him for about a minute…he was in the corner of my closet. He had a pretty sweet little set up. Even though I had to drag him outside to get him to go pee before I left.”

A part of me felt a little sad… oh how Roberto would have loved to chase and torment my brother-in-laws dog on Saturday/Sunday. Oh how he would have loved to have watched as Cooper got a beat down for ripping up yet another one of our dog beds. Bob would have been snickering – as only he could.

But I then remind myself that this is my brother’s dog. My brother needed to find his way again with his dog at his side.

A man and his best friend.


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One response to “Update on Robert

  1. Jenna

    Again I say — oh, Bob!
    I love Waco’s expression in that picture — it is a fun game for me to imagine what he was thinking at that moment 🙂

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