Parting Ways

It is official.

Bob is no longer apart of our household.

Matt and I went to Manhattan this weekend for a few reasons: I was attending Kappa Mom’s Weekend activities with my mom and sister and then the Clark’s were all going to the basketball game Saturday night.

So we loaded the dogs and the kegorator up (don’t ask questions!) and off to Manhattan we went. We stopped by my brothers house quickly Friday night to drop off the dogs and kegorator so we could trek on to Topeka for the night to stay with Matt’s mom. My brother immediately put the dogs in the backyard and they both immediately started howling – why did they have to be outside when everyone was having fun inside? My brother apparently can only stand so much howling, so five minutes later, in they came.

The next day, after attending the Kappa Mom’s brunch and auction, where I happily sang along – much to the dismay of my sister –  to the wonderful Kappa songs! Afterwards, we went back to Jord’s so I could get ready for the basketball game. I walk into his room to find two smelly dogs roaming around and my brother hiding under the sheets of his bed.

I guess the dogs had been put in their kennels that night and whined, so in they came.

What it sounds like to me is my brother is a big weenie and can’t handle a little dog whining so inside they come!

Matt and I were up early Sunday morning, bags packed, Wrigley loaded up. I gave Bob a big hug and told him to behave himself. I reminded Jord to feed him only once, rather than the five times a day he usually fed him prior to him living with us, and that he shouldn’t be inside all day long!

I’m sure my brother appreciated this sound advice.

We hopped in the car… and the flood works began. I knew I would probably shed a few tears over this mut who had come into our lives and had only planned on being with us for three months.

That three months turned into nine months. And some days.

Yes, I wanted to beat him many times. Yes, he was the laziest dog I had ever met. Yes, he was also the most hilarious dog I had ever had the chance to be around.

But we knew our time together would come to a close. And I couldn’t hold back the tears…

Matt seems to think he has probably already forgotten about us, but I beg to differ. We were a staple in his life for nine months, not just a few days.

He’ll atleast remember us for a solid week, right?!

So … to my nephew, Robert. Thanks for the laughs – play nice with others – and get your nails clipped before I send you on Star Search as the Amazing Tap Dancing Dog!

Sidenote:  So… recall this video I took of my siblings?

I got a text from my good friend Emily Peine Rundle the other night, telling me her husband had been on and had clicked on a video … only to see my brother and sister in it.

Looks like my siblings are famous –  I checked YouTube just a bit ago and it’s up to 350 hits. Hilarious!


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