An Uplifting Message

I just came across this photo on Facebook, courtesy of one of my little sister’s good friends, Katie, who found this on Lauren’s desk.

Folks… can I just tell you that the day you have to make out a ‘To Do’ list that encompasses these two things, you should really sit down and think about where you are in your life.

I don’t know if I should laugh because of how ridiculous this is…

Or feel ashamed that my sister had to make a list of these two simple things in life that one should do on a daily basis anyway.

Where did I ( wait… why blame myself – MOM) go wrong?!

Hope this lifts your Friday!


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One response to “An Uplifting Message

  1. Jenna

    That is awesome. (Also classic Dr. P can next to the list.) At least she can say that she — hopefully — completed all items on her to-do list that day! 😀

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