Etsy Finds of the Week

Hello all and a happy Wednesday to you!

This Wednesday seems to be lasting for-e-ver. Just one of those days… So I’m hoping that my search for the perfect Etsy finds will make it move a bit quicker!

So here we go!

1) Custom Paper Silhouette Portrait – Seller: Papercuts by Joe

  • Thanks to one of my lovely and favorite followers, this Etsy seller was suggested to me… as someone to suggest to you! She said she has used Joe for a few anniversary gifts for her children and they have turned out wonderfully!
  • These really are VERY cool and a great idea for a gift!

2) Insulated Lunch Bag – Seller: Julie Meyer

  • Not that I’m a lunch bag carrier, but I might become one! These lunch bags are so cute with their vintage fabrics.
  • How did I not come up with this great idea?
  • Any of you that might be sending kids to school and are searching for the perfect stylish lunch bag (because everyone needs a stylish accessory to take to school), search no more!

3) Pinckney Street Dress in Silk Chiffon – Seller: The Wedding Collection by Carol Hannah

  • I’m not sure how many of you are Project Runway fans, but I’m a die hard. I’ve watched every season since it unveiled seven seasons ago. I’m totally intrigued by every designer – some I love, some I hate, some I hate to love. And some are just straight-up wack.
  • This designer happened to be one of my favorites from last season – little Carol Hannah. And she has her own Etsy shop!
  • Though I do love this dress and everything else in her shop, the only thing I really can afford is that $25 gift certificate, which looks like it might buy me a sleeve.
  • Anyway, look around and absorb the greatness of Project Runway designers!

I hope everyone is having a much quicker-paced Wednesday than myself. Gearing up for a big weekend in Manhattan! We’ve got Kappa Mom’s Weekend brunch and auction on Saturday morning (which I will be attending with Lauren and mom) followed by a basketball game that evening with my in-laws.

We also have the dropping off of Robert.

Should be an interesting one – I’m sure I’ll have a story or two when we return!


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