Question of the Day

Is Bob going to survive on his own without his best friend, Wrigley?

This question was pondered on Sunday evening when Matt decided to take Wrigley on a jog.


Without the company of Bob.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “How rude! How could he not take both dogs on a friendly jaunt around the block?”

The answer is because Bob doesn’t jaunt. He mopes… and smells… and lays down… and just doesn’t get very far.

Wrigley on the other hand is like a reindeer at Christmas and really just on his game when he sees his master pick up his leash. He can’t contain himself because he knows he is about to escape into the wild unknown.

Matt knew better than to leave Bob outside while he took Wrigley on this jog. We have come to realize that Bob has separation anxiety when Wrigley is out of his line of vision. This anxiety usually only occurs when Wrigley gets to do something that he doesn’t get to do … and if he has to stay outside while Wrigley is nowhere to be seen.

So… in come both the hounds. They do their normal indoor routine and then Wrigley sees the leash. His ears perk, he immediately starts jumping five feet in the air (no joke) all the while, Bob is knawing on his leg (this is Bob’s idea of rough-housing).

Out go Matt and Wrigley. And then comes this.

Yes, he is standing on the table. And yes, he is looking out the window.

Devastated that his best friend has left him.

And it didn’t stop at this.

There was howling, whining, constant running between the windows. There was even barking at me. Like he was trying to talk to me and tell me that he needed his best friend.

This weekend will be the test.

We believe that this weekend is THE weekend. The weekend that Bob returns to his rightful owner.

What makes me feel OK about this departure is that when Jordan would come to visit while we were keeping Bob, Bob paid zero attention to anyone except his owner. When Bob found out that he still had to sleep in the garage even when his owner, who would let him sleep in a nice warm bed indoors, was around, he was not having it. I believe he howled the entire night. He wanted to be near his owner… in a nice, warm bed like he was used to in his glory days.

What worries me is that Wrigley was only out of Bob’s site for 10 minutes… and as you saw above, he was not OK with it.

I guess we will wait and see how the separation goes when we leave Bob in Manhattan this weekend.

Though I will be happy to return to my one-dog world, you might hear a few quiet whines and howls from me on the drive home… in honor of my nephew, Robert.


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