A Night Out with Jordan & Lauren

Matt and I took off work a bit early on Wednesday afternoon to drive North to Manhattan to attend our first K-State basketball game of the season. Matt’s mom had gotten four tickets for Christmas, but was going to be out of town, so gave them to us. We gladly accepted them – the mooches that we are – and invited my brother and sister to go with us.

My brother moved back to Manhattan at the beginning of the year after taking over the assistant superintendent position at the Wamego Country Club and Lauren is finishing up her junior year at K-State.

Before Jord moved to Austin last May, he and Lauren seemed to hang out frequently … or at least we heard Lauren made it to his house often to ask for money. Or feed Bob. Or to watch The Office.

But since Jord’s re-arrival to the Little Apple, it seems that they do not see each other as much as in the past.

Example: While driving to Manhattan, I receive a phone call from my brother. It went something like this:

Jordan: Have you talked to Lauren yet?
Allyson: No, I sent her a text to tell her we were on our way. Why?
I told her I would pick her up and take her out for a beer before the game, but she won’t answer my calls.
Allyson: Hmm… maybe she went downstairs for roll call at Chapter?
Jordan: Nope… she said she was going to church and then she’d give me a call. And now… she will not answer or return a phone call or text. I thought I’d drive by the church to see if it was out yet … THE PARKING LOT WAS EMPTY.
I’m sorry, Jord… I have no idea where she is.
Jordan: Well, now I’m parked in the Holid*y In& (trying to be discreet) parking lot, drinking two big beers alone. I’ll be drunk when you get here.
Jordan: OH… and I’m NOT talking to her when she gets in the car.

So we picked him up from the Hotel To Not Be Named parking lot, beers in hand, and then drove to Kappa to pick up Lauren. As soon as she got into the car, he stared her down. And as usual, she didn’t understand why he was angry.

So… this may seem hard to believe, but apparently my sister has no time for her brother anymore. She is busy with friends, life, friends. And a little bit of school. My brother is also a busy guy with work and work (and Bob will soon return to that mix), but right now, it seems like they live on opposite planets, rather than just opposite sides of town.

What makes this situation funny funny  is that these two are seriously peas in a pod. If it was just Jordan and Lauren on an island by themselves, they would entertain each other by trying to out movie quote each other.

And whaddya know?

10 minutes into the basketball game, you would have never known that these two had been at odds.

The best of the night? The Fist Pump Song!

And they had no idea I was filming them.

Oh… and the game was great (though a little too close for comfort – but who had time to watch after hanging out with these two)! Can’t wait to go back!

With Love, From Manhattan



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2 responses to “A Night Out with Jordan & Lauren

  1. Lori

    What a proud Aunt I am! How can I not love you guys!

  2. Jenna

    I love the little speech bubbles … oh, and the Hills kids too 🙂

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