Etsy Finds of the Week

So, it’s only 2:00 pm and I’m seriously considering lying my head down and taking a nap! I was in Sedan last night for the high school cheerleaders dance (post to come) and got up early this morning to get back in time for work.

I’m usually up at 7:45 am every day … today, I was up at 6:30 am.


But have no fear, your Etsy Finds of the Week are here!

1) Silver Sparkle Sequin Headband – Seller: Naughtee Bits

  • Found this awesome headband that I know would look great on many people…
  • But again… it’s one of those items that I know would look good on others, bad on me!
  • So, please – someone purchase this and send a pic so I can show everyone that I was right! 🙂

2) Blue Shade Cotton Ball Party Night Lights – Seller: Naraya Bags

  • These handmade string lights would be so much fun for a ‘Welcome Back Spring’ party!
  • This seller has quite a few light selections to choose from … so let’s welcome March (which will be here in almost two weeks) by throwing it a party with fun lights! 🙂

3) Starburst Tree in Green – Seller: Sugarloop

  • I have a thing for prints on Etsy … I could probably do a post with 20 of my favorites listed.
  • So again… I have found a print I like! I have a thing for trees I guess… Etsy prints AND trees.
  • I love the simplicity of this one, though… There is also one that is a tree with an owl in it.
  • You know how I love those owls?! 😉

That’s all for this week!

I’m going to try and take a five minute snooze and see if anyone notices… 🙂

Off to Manhappiness tonight for a men’s basketball game – my first of the season. Can’t wait!!!

Until next time…



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2 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. B

    Thank you so much for including my headband, what a nice surprise! You’ve made my day!

    Naughtee Bits

  2. Ashley

    Up at 7:45, I wish. I know work at 8 am everyday and was at work at 7:30 on Saturday!

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