2nd Annual ORU Reunion Weekend

This past weekend, Matt and I ventured south to the booming state of Oklahoma to attend the 2nd Annual ORU Reunion Weekend. Though you might think this reunion would bring in a large number of people, the only people that have really been invited the past two years have totaled four – all four currently work there or used to work there.

Those four people include myself, Cliff – my partner in crime the only year I worked at ORU, Rich – who STILL works there and my former boss, Cris – who also still works there.

The reunion usually goes something like this:

  • Cliff shows up on Friday night, thinking Matt and I will also be showing up Friday night.
  • He finds out that he is wrong and that we won’t get there until Sunday.
  • He then annoys me with text messages about how upset he is I’m not coming until Saturday.
  • I tell him to get over it.
  • He and Rich go drink and move on.
  • Saturday arrives and Matt and I drive to Tulsa.
  • We meet up with Cliff at the women’s basketball game.
  • We wave at Rich, who has to WORK the women’s basketball game.
  • We leave Rich and the Mabee Center and go grab a bite to eat and a drink … and laugh because we can actually do this and it’s not illegal (ORU has an honor code that you sign while you work there that states you will not drink or smoke while an employee at ORU. What percentage of folks that work there actually abide by this do you think?!
  • We return to the Mabee Center for the men’s game where we get pretty decent seats.
  • We make fun of all of the things that go on at ORU that are just a bit ‘out of the norm’.
  • We then immediately head to a bar, drink more, and do alot more making fun of ORU.
  • The night ends, we all say our goodbyes and part ways.
  • And the reunion is over until the next year.

I’d say that’s a pretty good summation of how the weekend went the first time around…. AND the second time around. Though the second time, Cliff did bring his girlfriend whom I had never met.

It’s hard to explain ORU … or why we are having a reunion to celebrate our working at ORU … to someone that doesn’t know much about the school.

But we tried as much as we could.

I seem to have a top 5 of why I will still return every year for the Annual ORU Reunion Weekend:

5) It’s entertaining to sit in the crowd and enjoy the game, while your buddy has to work. We usually just sit and wave at him!

4) I am a fan of Scott Sutton! A very down-to-earth and friendly guy… Plus his dad is from Kansas.

3) The first media timeout in the second half … one of the most annoying times to be in the Mabee Center. They blast “YMCA” as loud as it can go and ask all of the kids in the audience to join Eli the Eagle in the middle of the floor and join in on the “YMCA”. At the men’s game Saturday night, there were so many people on the floor, the opposing team’s players were standing amongst all of the ORU hooligans for a good 30 seconds to a minute AFTER the song and timeout were over because they couldn’t get everyone off the floor.

It’s pure insanity at its best.

2) My time at ORU would been a complete drag without these guys!

Rich, me and Cliff

Cliff, my former boss Cris and me

1) You might ask why I wouldn’t have my buddies be the No. 1 reason I return every year. But I think they would agree with my No. 1 choice.

The ORU Spirit Sprint

The Spirit Sprint consists of four male cheerleaders sprinting out of the tunnel onto the arena floor with ORU (and an Eagle) flags, while the William Tell Overture is playing … loudly. They stand in the middle of the floor and wave the flags for a good five seconds before they TAKE OFF … up the stairs, around the upper deck, all while William Tell is playing, fans are going crazy, the lights are flickering on and off. While they are making their way around the upper deck, the cheerleaders are setting up the megaphones in a pyramid at one end of the floor, while Eli the Eagle is waiting at the other end. The yell leaders with the flags sprint down the stairs and back on to the floor and wave their flags (in unison – this is key to them – you can tell when they are off how frustrated they get!), while Eli the Eagle takes off and runs into the megaphone pyramid. The yell leaders then run off down the tunnel … while the crowd is standing on their feet, cheering on this wonderful tradition. Honestly, it’s something you have to see to believe. 

And THAT’S why that is my No. 1 choice. It’s so ridiculous that it is hilarious… and something I will never, ever want to forget!

So… thanks to my buddies for a great 2nd Annual ORU Reunion Weekend. We broke the news to them that we are moving to Minnesota so next year … we might be spending the reunion weekend in Des Moines.

Maybe we can reenact the Spirit Sprint in Iowa…



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2 responses to “2nd Annual ORU Reunion Weekend

  1. Jenna

    I think I had blocked the memory of the Spirit Sprint from my mind — I wonder why??

  2. Ashley

    I almost got ran over by one of the cheerleaders holding the flag because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. He was inches from my face, I felt the breeze from the flag whipping by my head! Scary! And I’m pretty sure Iowa State nor Iowa does the spirit, probably because the arenas are twice the size as the mabee center!

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