It’s Official…

I can keep a secret!

No one ever thought I could do it, not even myself! But I did it… I kept a secret from my coworkers for longer than a month!

Now, most of you reading this blog already know the news I’m about to break… because the only people that probably read this are my family and Sedanites. But for those of you that do not reside in either of those categories – this might be news to you.

We’re moving!

Huh… I guess if you have received my Christmas letters the last five years, this piece of information is not shocking to you. As I have stated in said Christmas letters, I have moved approximately 15 times since leaving 210 West Elm, Sedan, Kan.

To college, home from college, the sleeping dorm at Kappa, the right 6-girl room at Kappa, the left six girl room at Kappa, 320 N. 15th, Manhattan, Home, Wichita, Tulsa, Wichita… Over the span of nine years, I have moved alot.

But this move is a little different than others.

Matt has accepted a new position at Coleman and will be the national account manager for the Target account … which happens to be headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I’m moving more than six hours away from home.

I guess I forgot to state that all of those previous moves kept me within a three-hour proximity of home. This one … not so much.

We have known since before Christmas that this was going to happen, but it did not become official until yesterday when Matt signed on the dotted line. And why did it take me so long to tell you? Because I decided that until he signed the document stating that in fact, we will have to move, I couldn’t tell my boss… because what if theย  document had stated that yes, this position was Matt’s, but no, we did not have to move and Allyson had already spilled the beans she was moving to her boss?

It could have meant that Allyson would be without a job come June.

But I held the secret in. I persevered. Until today, when it was officially OK for me to tell my secret.

So now you know!

Are you sitting there with your jaw dropped, like my family did when they found out?

Matt and I already had an idea how each of my family members would react when telling them our news. We concocted a great plan to tell them before we left for Illinois for Christmas. Unfortunately, my brother’s car broke down on his way back from Austin, so we didn’t get to see him before we left, hence the news was kept quiet.

Until we returned.

We handed each of them a set of gloves and after staring at them, then looking back at us for explanation of some sort, I blurted, “You’re gonna need these when you come visit us because we’re moving to Minnesota!”

Cue the crickets.

It took them all a good 30 seconds to get a grip on what I had just told them. And then they opened their mouths.

Lauren: “Well what am I suppose to do now?”

  • She was going to come live with us in Wichita this summer. We KNEW this is what she would say. We were correct.

Jordan: “Geez, I bring the great news that I’m moving back and then you try and one up me with this?”

  • Jord had just announced the week before that he would be returning to Wamego to take the job as assistant superintendent of the golf course in town. We KNEW this is what he would say. We were correct… again.

Mom: ”ย  …….. This is really great”(tears) “……. I’m really happy for you” (tears) ….. “Your uncle will be so happy!” (tears) “….. What if you have babies???” (tears)

  • We knew she would be happy for us, and she would bring up the babies, but that she would be sad, too…. and again, we were right on the money.

Dad: “These are the moments we live for. We are so proud of you and this will be a great time in your lives.”

  • Well… he didn’t come right out and say that he would be living us for three months out of the year like we had assumed, but I know it’s coming!

I have a fantastic picture of their shocked faces and as soon as I can find it, I’ll post it!

What We Know

  1. Matt will be Coleman’s new account manger for the Target account.
  2. We will be moving to Minneapolis.
  3. We will be moving in June.
  4. Allyson has no idea what she will be doing job-wise… looking at substitute teaching the youth of America or working at Pottery Barn. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. My aunt, uncle and cousins live near Minneapolis … so we’ll have at least five friends.
  6. We are nervous/excited/happy/sad/happy/nervous/happy.
  7. All of the homes in Minneapolis that we have looked at online are hideous.
  8. Does anyone know how much it would cost to pick up a house in Wichita and just move it to Minnesota?

Now you know what we know! When we have more info., I’ll be sure to pass it on.

I’m going to have to re-title my blog “The Life of Al in the Frigid North”.

Good thing I like cold weather!



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4 responses to “It’s Official…

  1. Jenna

    Oh good, I’m glad the secret is out. I was afraid somehow I would “pull a Josh” and ruin it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aunt Sally

    Congrats, i guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Randi

    That’s awesome, Allyson! Wish you the best in your journey….there are times it will be tough (I’ve almost made it a year being across the country:), but it will be a GREAT experience for you guys!

  4. Jana

    Hey Al–It just dawned on me today that I hadn’t read your blog in awhile and here I am reading that you are moving….how exciting! I’m excited for you and Matt. I am in your shoes right now….12 hrs from home and I NO know one….well my sister is 2 hrs from me…but other than that it’s just Jim and I. Not going to lie…its not easy, but I have definitely learned a lot! It was rough finding a job after working somewhere for 6 yrs doing what I loved, but honestly it is so nice to have a job that has NO stress!!! (I applied many places and no one had any openings…after the first month of looking and no replies I got a job a Logan’s Roadhouse…not glamours by any means but its fun!) I miss home like crazy and I miss Wichita a TON (Evansville is 1/2 the size of Wichita)….but I am trying to enjoy it and I keep thinking to myself….Jim will be done with this arena in 2012 then off we go again!! Best of luck…Wichita, Manhattan and Kansas will miss you guys!!

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