Fun in the Snow

Matt and I had decided at lunch that when we got home from work, we would go outside and make a snowman and throw snowballs at the dogs (because this is our version of fun!).

So, I hurried through the afternoon and came home immediately at 5 to prepare myself for an evening of snow.

Unfortunately, Matt walked in to the house and said that he didn’t realize that it was going to get so cold out during the afternoon and the snow might be a little too hard to be throwing or making snow people.

BUT… we went out anyway. And of course, I had  to bring out the camera.

And yep… I got some pretty great pictures and video.

And then I got a couple of these…

Fun in the Snow – Part I

Fun in the Snow – Part II

What we deal with all the time…

And Bob says I’ve had enough of this snow business.

So… even though there were no snowmen or throwing of snowballs, there was plenty of laughter.

There usually is!


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  1. Aunt Sally

    Thanks for the laughs!

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