That God… He’s a Funny Guy!

This morning, I woke up to this:

Yes… that’s my car underneath the HUGE tree branch.

As I pondered how on earth we were going to get my car out from underneath this monsterous branch, I was curious.

Was God trying to tell me to:

a) Not go to work today?

Or was he telling me to…

b) Get a new car?

Or was he just giving me a BIG sign to just…

c) Start parking my car in the garage?

Unfortunately, Matt was able to get my car out unscathed. So obviously, God’s way of telling me to start parking my car in the garage was to slam a big tree branch on top of it, but not cause any damage.

That  God… he’s a funny guy.

But what he forgets is why I do NOT park my car in the garage. It’s because I have two mongrels that are just WAITING for that garage door to open so they can escape and run … quickly … to a neighbor’s yard. I have had to chase them so many times that I finally decided it wasn’t worth it.

It’s not worth working up a sweat and getting my neatly pressed work clothes messy to chase after them… because obviously, they do not care. They are happy as clams for me to be chasing after them… Bob usually will stop long enough to look at me, then do a 180 degree leap and sprint as fast as his little legs will let him go (which is pretty darn fast).

I thought God and I were on the same page about these dogs…

I guess not…

Not after this.



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3 responses to “That God… He’s a Funny Guy!

  1. you mean you and Matt are still dog-sitting? what’s up with that?

    tell jordan i said to start being a responsible father and take care of his child

  2. I was really excited for you, b/c I thought you might get a new car…sorry, friend.

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