The Life of Al on a Saturday Morning

As I stated yesterday, we got LOTS of snow yesterday. My cute American Eagle fake Ugg boots were put to the test when I was climbing in and out of my car in our driveway yesterday.

The boots lost – they were soaked immediately.

This morning as I was lying in bed, I was thinking about how much it would help if someone would shovel the sidewalk and driveway so my boots could refrain from being six inches into the snow when we’re out today.

Apparently at the same time I was thinking about the sidewalks, Matt was thinking about waffles from our new waffle maker for breakfast.

Most would assume that since I am the wife, the homemaker, the woman… I would make these beautiful, yummy, delicious waffles.

And you would also think that Matt as the husband, the strong one, the man of the house would clear the sidewalk and driveway because as a Manly Man, that’s what he would do.


Think again!

We aren’t your normal Husband and Wife!

But man… didn’t my sidewalk look great?!

Sidenote: ESPN GameDay is in Manhattan and this is the best sign I have seen so far:

Sidenote 2: We let the dogs out this morning and I heard them both on the other side of the house barking. I peeked out the bathroom window and this is what I found…

Look closely… see a certain basset hounds head in the fence?!


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One response to “The Life of Al on a Saturday Morning

  1. Jenna

    Oh I love Allyson and Matt. That is hysterical.

    I love Stu! Did you see the sign that said, “Yesterday was Kansas Day, today is Kansas State Day?” Brought back fond memories of Kansas Days from my childhood (but I do like Kansas State Day better). My other fave sign was “1/2 Man, 1/2 Martin” 🙂

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