Random Musings from Moi

* It snowed. Earlier this week, we were enjoying 55 degree temps. And last night, it snowed.


This picture doesn’t do the snow justice … since it was taken from inside my car.

I don’t have any issues with snow since I’m an official member of the I Love Snow club. I’ll tell you who else doesn’t have any issues with the snow.

These two muts.

They get to enjoy a nice, warm, cozy bedroom all to themselves with the snow and cold temperatures arrive. This was them (above) at 8:00 am this morning.

And this was them prior to bedtime last night. My precious, and for the most part, obeying dog, Wrigley, lying quietly on the bed. While his cousin, Robert, is on the ground hoarding the newest toy that was given to them.

Notice I say ‘them’. The toy was for both of them. But since SOMEONE has a problem with sharing, Wrigley very rarely gets ahold of that toy. Unless it is to taunt Bob.

Which is usually quite funny!

* Let me tell you what is NOT funny.

Letting the dogs out to do their morning deed, thinking to myself, “OK, I’ll let them out, I’ll run back upstairs and change, I’ll come back down, pull my car out of the garage, go back inside and let the dogs in.”

Great thought.

Too bad it didn’t work.

Unfortunately because of the snow, the garage door did not make it closed all the way after Matt left for work this morning – the snow was stopping it from completely closing. I did notice this before I let the dogs out to the garage and backyard. Because I thought, “Oh, there is a tire track from Matt’s car, but they can’t get out through that.”

So, I change, pull my car out, go back inside to the let the dogs in… but the dogs are nowhere to be found.

Guess who finagled their way out the garage door?

So, I immediately open the garage door and Wrigley comes running up (this is why I said he obeys ‘for the most part’), but where is Bob?

Well… Bob had found the Wandering Dog of the Neighborhood. This dogs makes its rounds to every house every morning, but this time, he found some other wanderers, Wrigley and Bob.

Once I found the Wandering Dog, I looked close and could see another tail wagging. I yelled and yelled, propping the door open with one foot while holding on to Wrigley with another – thinking that if Bob saw his two favorite things (Wrigley and indoors), he’d come arunning.


Instead, I had to chase him … through the snow. What made it worse is that the Wandering Dog followed him. What made THAT even worse is that the Wandering Dog has had no previous encounters with Bob so he doesn’t understand when Bob is trying to play. Listen, if I had someone jumping on top of me, I wouldn’t think they were playing around either.

Well, that sounded wrong, but you know what I mean.

Bob’s attempt at playing didn’t go too well with Wandering Dog – Robert got a deep growl from him and was caught off guard just long enough for me to grab his collar and drag him… literally… back to the house.

Remember when I was feeling sad about Bob leaving me?

I have rethought that thought.

* OK … so apparently this Random Musings post should be retitled to The Pains of Dog Ownership.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a great Friday and don’t forget to tune in to ESPN tomorrow morning at 11:00 am for College GameDay, live from Manhattan, Kan. Tipoff for the K-State/KU game is at 6:00 pm.



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