Etsy Finds of the Week

Believe me. I know…

I have sucked at blogging over the past week.

The problem is that I am back to having nothing to talk about.

Work is busier than … well, busier than it has been since last year at this time.

Matt and I spent the weekend with his parents and watching my brother-in-law – his brother – coach our high school’s basketball team. They didn’t win and I had to sit by students that now attend my old high school and parents of those students that attend my old high school. If you wanted me to post a blog about the lack of intelligence that has infiltrated throughout the students and parents of those students that attend my old high school, you would probably never return to read my blog. You would think, “Allyson attended a school like that?” … which is what I would think if I hadn’t known it when it was filled with just dumb high schoolers, but dumb high schoolers that had some pride… and some intelligence.


This is why I have not been blogging! You would have been bored!

But hey … atleast it’s Wednesday and I will never let you down on Hump Day!

1) Pink Knit Cowl Scarf with Pearly Buttons – Seller: Raghousenternational

  • I came across this scarf and I’m not sure if I was drawn to it because of the gorgeous color, the fact that it can be wrapped a few times, or the fact that this girl is wearing a tank top with a scarf. We’ve went from weather in the ‘teens to weather in the 50’s – somehow, I have gotten a little bit of spring fever. But, per normal Kansas weather, we’re suppose to get 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow.
  • So… I’m pretty sure that though I wish I could be wearing this cute scarf and a tank, with tomorrow’s weather prediction, I would have to be wearing a parka with this scarf (plus two more scarves just to make sure I’m warm).

2) Seller: Pink Perch

  • My friends and I were having an e-mail discussion about one of our sorority sister’s choices in baby bedding for her soon-to-be-arriving newborn. Though the style was not so much any of our tastes (but TOTALLY this particular sorority sister’s), I thought I’d browse around at baby items and what I would come across.
  • And then I came across this seller! I’m in love with her mobiles! They are adorable … there are monkeys, sheep, bees, astronauts, jungle animals, etc.
  • So … if you’re ever shopping for baby gear, give this gal a shout!

3) Hoot Owls – Seller: Buttercup Bloom

  • I have left it as no secret that I love owls. Cute owls. Not scary owls. But I love them. And I blame that on my sorority. It was our ‘mascot’ if you will.
  • I guess I should be glad it wasn’t a muskrat or a opossum.
  • Anyway, these owls were featured on the front of Etsy and I fell in love… she has hoot owls and tiny wee hoot owls, as well as cashmere elephants and lambswool mice. The seller says that all of the fabric has been pre-washed and that they are kid and earth-friendly, plus totally snuggle worthy.
  • Sold, right?!

Everyone enjoy their Wednesday and hopefully I will have something of interest to blog to you about in the next couple of days! Until then… Happy Etsy’ing!



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2 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    And did you SEE the little hanging owls in the Pink Perch shop! Awww….
    You should probably email me and tell me whose bedding you were discussing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Now THAT is a cute mobile…no pink fluff! ๐Ÿ™‚

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