If You Ever Fall Through Ice…

No worries! This guy can save you!

Matt spent a few days in Michigan… no Wisconsin… No. Hmm… OK, it was somewhere North! Anyway, he spent a few days sponsoring an ice rescue certification class (for Coleman) . Apparently he has returned as a certified technician in Ice Rescue Training.

Yep… they certified THIS guy!

You would never get me into one of these suits. First of all, they are not figure-flattering, which is always the first thing you should look for in an outfit (besides the color). Second of all, if you want someone to save you from falling through something you probably shouldn’t have been on in the first place, I doubt you’ll want this gal to be the one saving you.

But then again… who wouldn’t want a nice swig of beer while they are stuck in below-freezing water?



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3 responses to “If You Ever Fall Through Ice…

  1. Jenna

    Oh that looks MISERABLE. I still chuckled, though!

  2. Ashley

    I would take the swig of beer to warm me up in the freezing cold water if I ever found myself in that situation but I don’t think I ever will! PS: I just checked out Etsy for the first time tonight and I’m in love with this site!

  3. Now that’s something to add to the resume to set himself apart!

    You would make a great certified beer technician. I’d take that course!

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