Etsy Finds of the Week

My brother  moved into a nice house in Manhattan on Monday, which only means one thing. We had to give him back his full-size bed.

Oh… we also have to give back Bob.

Have to. Get to. Same thing.

My brother called on Monday to talk about the return of his items as well as a few items that we were giving him: a TV, a washer and dryer, his dog. Since Bob could not be loaded up in the back of my dad’s truck (because it was full with many, many other things), we talked about when we would make the swap.

We will probably end up making a special trip to Manhattan to return him and as I was thinking about this in the shower the other night, I almost had tears.

We’ve been through alot with Bob over the past eight months. He has grown into a more mature (not fully mature), no nightlight needing, one – not three- daily feedings, garage sleeping dog. To say that I will not miss him would be a complete lie. To say that I will not be sad to see him go will be false. To say that I won’t miss his whining, non-sharing, pawing at the door, demon dog routine is true. I will miss none of those things.

So, in honor of my nephew dog Robert…. I give to you my Basset Hound Etsy Finds of the Week!

PS. If you are actually interested in purchasing any of these items or atleast want to know the seller, just leave me a comment. I will not judge! 😉


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One response to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    Yeah, one of each, please?? Ha!

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