All Grown Up

This weekend, my cousin attended his school’s Winter Snowball Dance… this is not his first Snowball, but it is his first Snowball to ask a date. And if you can all revert back to your days as a 16-year-old, this is a big deal (to all gals out there!). Or if you can revert to the days of being a 16-year-old male, it really isn’t a big deal, which is kind of the route my cousin was going with.

But my aunt (his mother) was very excited for him and had asked my opinion on what he should wear to the dance. Since I didn’t know what high school males were wearing to dances these days, I did some googling. And then just went to my trusted Gap and Banana Republic websites. I threw some ideas at her and off they went to shop.

I also thought I’d get Matt’s take on teenage males attire to dances, thinking maybe he would have some bright ideas!

And then I remembered this picture. And I remembered that this picture was taken at one of our high school dances.

So I rethought my first thought about asking Matt’s opinion on the teenage males attire to high school dances. Because do we really want my cousin to be remembered for wearing a sleeveless sweater vest/sleeveless T-shirt to a Snowball Dance?

I was happily surprised when Matt’s reply to the ‘What to Wear’ dilemma was actually something I had already suggested. Now that I think about it, we both suggested sweater vests… Hmmm …

Anyway, my aunt took my cousin shopping and reported back that they were pleased with his selections, HE was pleased with his selections and thanks for the help!

And this is how he turned out…

Pretty dapper if I may say so! And his date is quite cute as well … I could never have pulled off a tiger print in high school. Hell, I couldn’t pull off a Star Spangled Banner bathing suit!

Anywho… the first Snowball Dance attire situation has been handled. And handled very well by all parties.

Now we will all patiently wait until next year when this one gets into high school.

Lord, help my aunt! 😉


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  1. Aunt Sally

    Amen about needing the Lord’s help with Abby! And Bryon thought Nick was picky! Thanks for all the help. You did good.

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