I Love Mail!

I also love unexpected mail … that is sometimes the best!

Though I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival on my coffee sleeve from Katylua’s Etsy shop, I had no idea when I would actually receive it. There was no need for me to be at the top of her list since I was getting a freebie!

But low and behold, when I opened up the mailbox today, guess what I found?!

My coffee sleeve!

Isn’t it so cute (especially placed in front of the wine bottle, right?!)?!!!

I’m extremely excited to purchase my first cup of hot cocoa, only to use this perfect limey-yellow sleeve of perfection! Thank you so much to Katylua for this gift – I am so appreciative!

The next piece of mail I received was from my best pal, Jenna. As I started opening it, I was thinking, “OK, what is she thanking me for?” or “CRAP, is it my birthday and I forgot (which we know couldn’t be it because I could NEVER forget MY birthday!)?!”

SIDENOTE: I only talk poorly of the receiving of thank you cards because I already know the receiver of my gift is thankful for receiving it. I don’t need you to spend 44 cents to tell me… Save that money for something special, like you’re next Coca Cola – or in Jenna’s case – Dr. Pepper!

But this card was so much better than a thank you card. It involved PICTURES!

Jenna said she had been going through old pictures last week during her ‘Snow Week’ – she is a teacher so she had already been out of school for two weeks. The poor thing was stuck at home for another slew of days because of snow days. Gimme a break! ;)Anyway, she had been going through pictures and found some of these classics that were too good to pass up.

And I thought they were too good to pass up to my blog readers!

Picture 1:

  • Yes, this is me! What’s funny is that I’m not even ashamed to admit this because of the next picture I’m about to post…
  • Secondly, I blame my mother for this swimsuit. It is navy and covered with stars… For the past 15 years, she has had a love for stars (as household decor). This must have been at the beginning of her phase and somehow, I must have fallen into her star trap, which explains the swimsuit disaster.
  • Mom… come on! You know better than to let your child walk out of the house like this…
  • But man… I wish I was that skinny still! 😉

Now for the doozy!

Picture 2:

  • Since I have no idea who all reads this blog (though I assume it’s most of the town of Sedan), you might not be aware (unless you’re from Sedan) that the male figure in the sleeveless sweater is none other… than my husband.
  • This is probably too much information, but I swear I almost peed my pants when I saw this picture! For a few reasons but number one being that my husband is as cute as they come (even in this picture – he is a total tool with the sleeveless sweater, but so darn cute!) and is a pretty good dresser – though he does have an obscene amount of blue in his closet. Besides the point. The fact that he is wearing this sleeveless sweater … with another sleeveless shirt on underneath is hilarious!

So… my dear friend, Jenna … Thank you! Thank you for this wonderful piece of mail that made my day!

Now if you will excuse me, I must immediately post this and then immediately call Matt to tell him to go read my blog. And then wait… wait for it… hold on… “ALLYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Again, I say … I love mail!



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3 responses to “I Love Mail!

  1. Jenna

    Oh … hehehehehe … I really felt like the wearing of the white sleeveless shirt UNDER the sleeveless sweater showed premeditiation … and a shout-out to Norm, Bret, and Adam Long, none of whom knew the fashion disaster they were witnessing!

  2. Aunt Sally

    Oh how old photos come back to haunt us. Forever. This is why I try to stay BEHIND the camera.

  3. Hope you are enjoying your hot choc. sleeve. If you haven’t figured it out already, it makes a great wrist cuff as well (a la Wonder Woman).

    Best to you and your readers,

    PS Nice swimsuit. 😉

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