Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert and Annie Banks McKenzie’s Husband … Oh My!

When we found out the opening act for the new INTRUST Bank Arena was going to be Brad Paisley, Matt had made comments about wanting to go since he did help with the creation of the Arena (he was apart of the campaign to have the arena built – therefore in his mind, this arena business was all because of him!).

Obviously, I had no objections to seeing Brad Paisley, the man that married my favorite bride of all time, Annie Banks McKenzie from Father of the Bride. In fact, I did tweet him during the concert to see if she happened to have come along! No reply … I guess he was busy!

I bought tickets for Matt for Christmas and of course, they were nosebleed seats (for more than one reason – which I will explain later).  But once we got in the seats, it TOTALLY did not matter! We had a great view of the stage and even though I’m sure it would have been fantastic to literally be able to see the sweat trickling down ‘ol Brad, I was perfectly content with where we were sitting.


We arrived a little before 7 pm and made our way to our seats after a few bathroom stops (I should NEVER have started the night with two beers … once we sat down in our seats, I predicted I would have to use the bathroom at least five times throughout the evening – I think I got to four).

Justin Moore kicked off the show and he played for about 20 minutes. He was followed by Ms. Miranda Lambert.

Now, I’ve never been a big fan of hers – her voice kind of rubs me the wrong way. I did enjoy her on the first season of Nashville Star – she was just so cute and quiet and very much the All-American Girl.

And then somewhere, along the way to her country stardom … she turned into a beer-drinking, hair-dying, and apparently a chew-chewer (not sure how to properly say that!) – but whose to say that this is not a true representation of an All-American Girl. I definitely would say that at the concert,  as she was asking if there were any redneck girls in Kansas, I was probably the only one out of 5,688 women there that did not yell with her – it felt inappropriate in my Steve Madden coat, black leggings and black boots.

Anyway, Miranda made it through her set list – I felt proud that I knew three of her songs and enough of ‘White Liar’ to sing along.

And then came Brad.

Brad Paisley’s songs have always, for the most part, made me laugh. He talks about rodents, cyber-space junkies, starting a band (with Keith Urban – can I join?!) and drinking… alot.

He also has some songs that I absolutely love – my all-time fave is one of his latest, Then.

But he put on a fantastic show … with his videos playing in the background, to him running up and down and across and over the stage and then thru the crowds, he was all over the place!

And, like I have mentioned before with another certain country star, I just feel like Brad and I could be best friends. It’s like he was speaking to me the entire show…

We could SO be BFF's ... I might just hug him all day long, though...

Or maybe he’d like for me to be best friends with his wife, Annie Banks McKenzie formerly known as Kimberly Williams-Paisley?

All in all, the show was great, the arena was awesome and we had no issues the entire night (except for running into this guy ….

Keep Children Away!

afterwards … )

The ONLY complaint I have of the entire evening was the fight that broke out in the middle of one of Brad’s songs. It’s like Brad said, “We’re going to rough up this new arena tonight…” and then these two doofuses immediately started punching the snot out of each other.

I will never understand fighting. It frustrates me to a great degree … I just don’t get why hitting someone seems logical.

Well, that’s a lie … It made me so angry that they were fighting and ruining a Brad song, that I wanted to get in the middle of the fight, clock them each – just once –  and  tell them to ‘Sit down and shut the hell up because you’re ruining my time with Brad’ and return to my seat.

OK – maybe that’s just another dream of mine!

But anyway, the night was great! Matt and I totally enjoyed ourselves and are trying to find reasons that we need to go back to the arena … hockey, anyone?

We look like hockey people, right?!


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