Who Let the Dogs In?

That would be me.

If you have been out of the country or not near a TV, radio or Internet, you would not know that most of the United States is FREEZING.

Though some have their own personal versions of what freezing is. In the dictionary, it is classified as anything below 32 degrees farenheit.

32 degrees seems balmy to me right now.

Currently in Wichita, it is 16 degrees with a wind chill of 5 degrees. To my friends and family in the south, it is currently 31 degrees, but feels like 22. And to the north, we’ve got a temperature of 6 degrees in Minneapolis, with a wind chill of -6.

So, it’s cold. Really cold.

And what is the one thing you hear about when it is this frigid out?

“Please don’t forget to bring in your four-legged friends tonight, folks.”

I felt awful even leaving them out in the garage in the 30 degree weather. So bringing them in made me happy (well … as happy as I can to have two, hair-shedding dogs inside my home)! They have only been sleeping inside at night time, when it had been the coldest.  But since it has gotten into single digits during the day, it was time to bring the doggies in.

So, as I have prepared their bed at night – like I mentioned in a previous post -, I nailed anything down in their ‘bedroom’ as possible. As I have said many, many, many times… I do not trust these two together. I have seen what they have done to stuffed animals. I have seen what they have done to dog beds. Heck, I’ve seen what they have done to a wood log before. There is no trust in our relationship.

For the past two days, they have spent their mornings and afternoons in their bedroom. I placed a single toy and a single dog bed in their to make it a bit more comfy for them.

So you’d think that their life was made! They are inside, away from the cold, they have their own room, their own full-size bed, carpeted floors. What more does a dog need?

Well … apparently alot more.

Yesterday afternoon, I let them out when I got home for lunch and then put them back in the room when I left. I was about to walk out the door when both of them, in unison, started howling. Howling like it was no tomorrow. And I couldn’t do anything, but sit down and laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

Unfortunately, my camera was nowhere to be found.

But today, I was prepared.

Listen to these two spoiled hounds … and if you are at work, turn down the volume and try and hold in the laughter!

And if you can, please do not feel bad for them. They are living the life of luxury right now.

And I’m paying for it!


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