Oh, What a Night!

I love college football.

I love the energy, the camaraderie, the fans, the fun.

I especially love the BCS National Championship game. The two best college football teams in the nation (according to a computer) battle it out to determine a national champion.

Though, it is a goal of mine to one day be at this game… I know my Wildcats will be there someday and I hope we have Brent Musberger as our TV commentator and that we brutally punish our opponent, who Musberger will ofcourse love and favor, so we that we all, in unison, can flip him the bird!

WOAH. Sorry – off on a random, but truly a hopeful dream!

Once Alabama breezed past Tebow’s (or Urban Meyer’s – not sure who was actually in charge of that team!) Florida Gators and the Longhorns BARELY squeezed by the Cornhuskers, the matchups were set.

Alabama versus Texas.

No. 1 versus No. 2.

Two unbeaten teams.

Can you imagine the excitement?!

Well… per usual Colt McCoy fashion, he immediately got hurt and never returned, nor did the Longhorn offense.

So the final evening of college football ended in dreary fashion.

I found myself upstairs working on choreography for a cheer dance and returned at the beginning of the fourth quarter to find the three males in my life doing this:

A passed out husband

A bored old man

Young Robert was the only one to find something to do...

Oh well… There is always next year.

Sidenote: It’s 10:40 pm (CST) and UT has come back to get within two, 21-24, 5:55 left in the 4th. These men in my life are officially missing out!


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One response to “Oh, What a Night!

  1. Jenna

    I don’t think you are alone in your dream of flipping ol’ Brent the bird. What a tool.

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