News All Around…

It seems that I have been MIA over the past two weeks, which I do apologize for. It’s just hard to do much of anything when you are on vacation, so I hope you all understand! I got a minor scolding from my aunt over the weekend, so I felt that I better get back in gear … you don’t want any flack from my aunt!

Geez, where do I start! I feel like quite a lot happened over the past two weeks … so much that I don’t even remember everything I need to tell you!

1) I survived my first Christmas away from home. We traveled north to Illinois to spend Christmas with Matt’s mom’s side of the family. I owed this to my husband since he had not been to Illinois for Christmas in two years … and before that, he had been every year! A few things made the trip great: a) a 2-month old and b) Skype.

I got to hold baby Cal for about 48 of the 52 hours we were there and it was wonderful! I feel like we really bonded. 🙂

And Skype is WONDERFUL! We downloaded it on my dad’s and my computer before we left and were hoping we could get it to work while I was away so I could atleast SEE my family on Christmas. Well… not only did I see them once on Christmas, I saw them a few times on Christmas Eve, a few times on Christmas … I probably saw them more than I saw Matt’s family! But it was quite entertaining and I even Skyped with my dad last night just because.

2) I probably already mentioned this in a previous post, but my brother has officially and permanently (well … for now, it’s permanent!) returned from Texas and starts his job in Wamego as the Assistant Superintendent of the Wamego Country Club today. We were so happy to have him back around the house over break … everyone just seems that much more happier when he is around!

3) Because Jord has returned, this means that Bob will soon be departing our home. And … I think I’m going to be very sad.

Yes, I know. You have heard me complain about the two-foot tall basset hound numerous times over the course of his seven-month stay. I now admit that most of the time, I’m complaining about him in good humor. Stories about Bob are too good to not tell!

But Bob’s tenure at the Clark household will soon come to an end (only if my brother finds a home in Wamego in the near future!) and I’m sure that there will be tears shed from each member of my family: Matt because he will finally only have one dog to bathe and one dog’s hair to sweep out of his garage; Wrigley because he will no longer be attacked for going after that leftover morsel of dog food left uneaten between his and Bob’s dog bowls; Bob because he will return to the life of luxury (or so he thinks) of doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants with his original owner; and me because I just won’t know what to do without having two dogs!

Bob has been many things to us throughout his stay, but short of stories and laughs was not one of them!

We will miss you, Bob!

4) We got our wedding video! Yes, it took awhile to get the finished product, but I’d rather have a good video rather than something just thrown together – especially after how much we paid for it!

I picked up the video on Dec. 31 and Matt and I decided we would spend our New Years Eve like this: late dinner (because I had agreed to work a WSU women’s basketball game on NYE – who does that?!), followed by the premiere showing of our video with a big bottle of champagne. We made it through all of disc one, which encompasses bridal prep, groom prep, snips of the wedding, reception, dances, our departure, etc. It also has the toasts (which last longer than the rest of the video – Matt says it’s because I couldn’t make a decision on who to have as my Maid of Honor – I said I did make a decision – I chose to have three!), a clip of my Kappa girls singing to us and the Prequel.

We still have disc two to watch, which is our entire, lengthy wedding. I can’t wait (seriously)!!!

And for now, that is all I have for you. Like I said, I apologize for my long absence … but it does make the heart grow fonder, right?!


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