He’s Baaaaaack!

Over the weekend, we received some wonderful, breath-taking news.

Bob is moving out!

Oh … and my brother got a job!

Jord was offered the assistant superintendent position back at his old stomping grounds – the Wamego Country Club.

I’m certain that it is not his life’s ambition to live in Wamego, Kan., for the next 80 years. But for now, it’s quite a gig! Plus, the man will be making a salary that is comparable to my own. This thought somewhat is discouraging only because I spent 12 years of my life getting a high school diploma, four more years to get a Bachelor’s Degree plus two more years to get a Master’s … and my brother, who is currently still working on his degree, is going to be making as much as I do.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture!

Maybe I should be looking into local golf course work – maybe they need some help! I hope they don’t ask if I know how to mow a lawn …

Because THAT is something I have yet to do in my lifetime … it’s not a life ambition of mine!

Anywho, congratulations to my brother! We are proud of you!


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One response to “He’s Baaaaaack!

  1. Jenna

    My brother makes way more than me :s
    Welcome home, Jord! When does he start??

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